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The Gift of Presence

Tonight Marc and I finished up Season 3 of Call the Midwife. It is truly such a good, moving, and inspiring show. And I love that in this last episode they brought in some of Jennifer Worth’s interest in care of the dying. (Her book “In The Midst of Life: Is There Such a Thing […]

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Memory Boxes

We’re doing some cleaning on this stormy (yes, snow blizzard, Don!) day in April. And while I am on the verge of a rant on the love-hate (today more like hate-hate) relationship I have with all of our stuff, I’m going to have some self control here and go a different direction… for today. Instead, […]

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God in the Ordinary Day

This week it’s all been about Olivia. Olivia broke out in a fever and a very sore throat Friday night. By Sunday morning she had a rash on her body. She and I snuck into the church just in time to be there for Marc’s installation service and then we snuck out so as not […]

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Life Lessons Learned from Childbirth

I was really good at being pregnant and giving birth. In fact, if I were to find myself pregnant tomorrow (well, it would actually be in about two weeks, if you want to get technical), you know what I would immediately do? I would take vitamins every morning. I would eat better. I would exercise […]

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Positive Resolutions

Well, happy new year! Last night I enjoyed reading on Facebook everyone’s best wishes and how they were ringing in the new year, and this morning there are many resolutions. I have made resolutions in the past but it’s never been something that I’ve put a lot of stock in. I have occasionally said, “I […]

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Christmas Presents

You know why the world is broken? Not because bad things happen. But because the good things don’t make us happy. Or at least the things we think of as good don’t make us happy. I had a little breakdown this morning. Maybe it wasn’t little. An almost hyperventilating, crying ’til your lips are swollen […]

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Reflections on a Winter Morning

There’s nothing like winter to make you want to hold tight to the people you love. And there’s nothing like winter to force you to recognize that as tight as you hold on, your grip is very loose… like you don’t even have a hold on themĀ at all. I had Madeline home sick for 2.5 […]

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Christmas Memories

Christmas tree decorating day, 2012. “False memories! That’s what we’re creating!” Marc commented as he looked at the above picture. And it’s true. The idyllic look of the smiling-faced children embracing around the Christmas tree was so NOT the night that we had. It began when I came in the door and spilled half of […]

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Pieces of Me

I was reminded tonight of an experience I had earlier in the year — kind of a strange but cool experience that I just never took the time to share: As part of my practicum classes we have to go for personal counseling. I took my second practicum in the summer. I started my personal […]

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Why I’m An Introvert

I am a pretty friendly, talkative person. (I also like to overshare, if you haven’t noticed.) That’s why people often don’t realize that I’m an introvert. I’m a “not-shy introvert.” That’s a real thing, by the way. I love quiet. I attended a spiritual retreat a few weekends ago and one of the people commented […]

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