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Little Love Affairs

I’ll be the first to admit that there was a time in my life when I was envious of all of my single friends. I think I felt it the most when my kids were small and the demands of parenting were very obvious, very physical, and seemingly never-ending. In those days my books of […]

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Choosing How I Feel

This weekend was supposed to look a lot different than it does. We were invited down to Calgary for my cousin’s birthday on Friday and since the kids were off school and I had class in Calgary on the day of the party, it all worked out well. But, add to that, my aunt and […]

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Our Staycation

Four hours until our family of five is all together again. For the past week we have been scattered across two provinces: Luke and Olivia with my parents in Saskatchewan, Madeline at church camp, and Marc and I at home by ourselves. There have been lots of comments about nude housekeeping. (You wouldn’t believe all […]

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Sex & Intimacy & Connection

I am currently working on a paper about why the relationship of counselor and counselee is more susceptible to sexual (mis)conduct than other professional relationships. (There is not a high percentage of people who, for example, “jump” their plumbers no matter how good they may look bending over those pipes.) My own theory going into […]

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Pain. Papers. Poop.

Something is wrong. Since late fall I’ve been experiencing chest pains that come and go. Sometimes they stay for a few days. Sometimes they are movement activated. Sometimes there are just flashes of pain. I had these a bit when Marc and I were first married. After getting an EKG, the doctor established back then […]

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Because we are that cute.

Here’s a picture my neighbour snagged of Marc teaching me to skate the other day. I like that boy. He is very patient and caring. And fourteen years ago yesterday we started dating! Seems like forever-ago. Seems like yesterday.

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If Oprah were here, she’d be saying, “This is big. Oh. Big. Big.” I’ve got a few sessions left to do with a counselor to finish up my Practicum course, and today I had a breakthrough. And, like most meaningful breakthroughs, it started with a breakdown… or at least the talk of breakdown. You see, […]

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11:55am this morning: “Hi.” Where are you? “At church.” I thought you were going to be home by noon? “I said I might; I didn’t say I would…” Further discussion about how Marc and Olivia were invited over to the pastor’s house for lunch. However, I had just finished wiping up poo from the bathroom […]

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Mennonites, Belly Dancing & Being Sexy

This morning I went to see my friend’s belly dancing class perform in Steinbach. It was a group of women ranging in ages from 20s to 60s, and, since it is Steinbach, I’m going to assume that about 80-90% have some Mennonite in their background. (Their ethnic heritage has actually nothing to do with the […]

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Ten Years Later

This is one of my favourite pictures from the week Marc and I got married. He’d been away treeplanting all summer, but left early so he could be around for a week and a bit before the wedding. The scary thing is is that I had gone to a tanning bed most of the summer […]

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