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Resisting the urge to title this “Parenting: My Cascading Mountain of Rage”

Parenting. Who knew? Who knew it would feel like walking in circles. Or — what’s that one from pinterest? — brushing your teeth while eating an Oreo cookie. Or like that woodpecker who decided to try out the siding by our front door the other day: you bang your head over and over again and […]

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What kind of a mother am I?

Sometimes I wonder if other people have a better grasp on the kind of mother I am than I do… Early in our parenting career Marc and I were pretty aware of the kind of parents we were — or maybe the kind of parents we weren’t. From our small circle of parent-friends whom we knew […]

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First World Parenting Problems

It is a privilege to be annoyed with your kids. That may seem like a strange and backward concept, but lately I’ve been realizing that — strange and backward as it really is — it is very true. Take last night for instance… Wednesdays are the nights that Marc is at youth all evening. He […]

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First Days of School

This week the kids started back to school. Madeline and Luke started grade 5 and grade 2 respectively and respectably on Tuesday. This morning Olivia got on the bus with her brother and sister to go for her first day of kindergarten. She was so excited. No need for us to drive her or be […]

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Parenting out of Love not Judgment

I wonder how long it takes to get over the social anxiety of being a parent. You know how you’re not supposed to bring up sex, politics, and religion at the dinner table? Well, I’m pretty sure parenting is all of those three taboo subjects wrapped up in the hyper, misbehaving, flesh-coloured parcel of your […]

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What’s there to fear about having kids?

Here in Manitoba we have quite a few sets of friends who are newly married. Married two or three years, just long enough for people to start wondering, “So… what about kids?” Marc and I were married young — really young when I look back on it. I had turned 21 four months before the wedding and […]

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Nighttime Disturbances

I’ve been trying a new little mantra the past few months. Except a mantra is supposed to be a one-sentence insight, right? I don’t think I’ve bothered to boil it down to one sentence. Really, what I’ve been trying to do is not be bothered by things I’m not willing to, don’t have the power […]

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And that is why there will never be world peace.

Today we took the kids to Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg, partly to check out the nature playground and partly to take our annual outdoor pictures of the kids (to be put up one of these days). We had a little picnic and then set off to explore a bit of the park. First stop the […]

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Freedom: Choice or Gift?

Last Friday’s session with my counsellor consisted of a lot of crying. I was still exhausted from a week of being sick. I was overcome with a whole bunch of emotions. And when I’m tired I am even more prone to cry than I am normally, which is already a lot. I was not a […]

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A Good Mother

Olivia usually falls asleep in our bed at night. Some nights she’ll look at books until she’s tired, but a lot of nights I will lay down with her, scratch her back, and make up a song about her and her imaginery pet cat. Last night she wanted to tell stories. But, in a rather out-of-character moment, […]

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