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Perfect Parenting 2: My First Time

Let’s start at the very beginning. I was blissfully unaware of what had just happened to me when Madeline quite literally burst into the world at 2:59am on Sunday, December 15, 2002. You know when you’re too tired to be tired? That’s what I was, and had been for about the last five hours of […]

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January 22, 1917

93 years ago today in Bramley, England a little mother named Annie gave birth to a curly-haired baby boy who she named Frank Stanley. I’ve been thinking about her today. My Great Grandmother’s mind was probably filled with anticipation about giving birth and having another baby to love and care for. It was 1917 — […]

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What’s almost as good as being present at the birth of one of your best friend‘s baby? Being so anxious to hear the news that you are full of energy and are doing some serious cleaning while you wait. Here’s to Baby Toews’ soon, safe arrival!

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Dear Jyl,

Your baby had up until 1pm yesterday to even hint at its arrival — just one contraction and we would’ve turned the car around, left the van packed, but stayed for the day, so I could be with you at the birth of your first child. Alas, it was not meant to be. However, given […]

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So it seems as if a lot of people are having babies around us these days. This summer we had as good as conclusively come to the decision that we were done having kids — as “conclusive” as you can be without actually being willing and/or ready to make definitive birth control decisions. However, our […]

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Career Day: Hairdresser

Today is “October Fun Day” at Madeline’s school, or some name like that where “it’s really like Halloween, but we just aren’t going to use the ‘H’ word”. Madeline’s class has been doing a project about their community over the past few weeks, so her teacher encouraged the class to dress up like a career […]

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I am not a failure.

Marc sent out an email today, on my behalf, asking whether or not I could switch over my gym membership to him. Now, before you start planning your “how could you?!” comments in your mind, let me explain. I’ve gone to the gym about four times in the months of September and October combined. The […]

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Here’s how it happened.

I’ve guess I’ve only been talking about this on Twitter and Facebook, but I’ve started going to the gym here at Prov. The membership is only $15 a month, and you can’t beat that! Marc’s been jogging at 7:30 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and so it looks like my gym mornings will be Tuesday, […]

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Normal Bellies

Not sure how many of you caught the anonymous comment on my Woman Body post, which linked me to this post which then linked to a site called The Belly Project. And all I can say is “Brilliant”. (And “Thank you!” to the anonymous commenter.) A couple years ago a friend mentioned that if there […]

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Wherein I attempt to prove that Luke and I have the same size head.

I’ll start this post off by saying that I hate having lights on in the bathroom. Marc and I were both up to go to the bathroom the other night. He followed me into the bathroom, and I was doing my usual peeing in the dark, he asked “How do you do this?!” Every night. […]

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