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I can’t believe he didn’t know.

Yesterday Marc asked me why I always put my pyjamas behind his pillow. I told him, “Because your pillows are thinner, so if I put the pyjamas behind your pillows, they look more even.” I mean, isn’t it obvious?  I thought he knew me.

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This makes me happy.

Here’s a great bit from a couple “kids” from our church — two of Phil and Janet’s kids (their other two are our babysitters).  (Janet’s the piano player at our church who sings harmony with me every Sunday.  Which basically means that I love Janet very, very much.  She doesn’t even know how much.)  (Phil […]

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The Names

A little Friday entertainment, first found at Heather’s blog.  (How could I not do this with a name like “Dixie”? There are lots of good ones here, but I think I like my Soap Opera name the best — well, after the Gangsta Name, of course.)  Feel free to put your 9 Names in the […]

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Tonight’s Wardrobe Options

So my whole family is doing some fundraiser concert in a little town 45 minutes away tonight.  My whole family — my folks, my uncle, my brother and sister-in-law, Marc, Madeline and I.  We leave in an hour.  We’ve had one and a half practices.  This week has been crazy.  This weekend is crazier.  But […]

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Thursday Afternoon Random

Today for lunch we had chicken burgers (the yummy breaded kind you find in the freezer section) on toasted grain buns with mayo, some melted marble cheese, and a huge pile of mixed greens and sprouts.  They were really good. I always ask for extra lettuce on my burgers (“no tomato, extra lettuce“).  I could […]

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29 and a half

Well, it’s November.  Six months since last April.  Six months until next April.  This makes me officially 29.5.  Can you still have half years once your age has reached double digits? For Marc’s 30th last December we threw a big literary-themed dress-up party.  It was a great party.  Good times.  And I got to organize […]

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Plain Jayne

I’ve been saving up my energy all day to go to a supper for a charity with Marc tonight.  I figure as long as I can lean my head on my hands and have my elbows resting on the table, I’ll be able to make it through most of it.  (I’m such a lady.) (I […]

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More About Me

Okay, when I get a few minutes, I’m going to do a concise version of who I am on my About page.  It occurred to me yesterday that “about me” doesn’t necessarily mean give your life story, talk about your first period, etc.  I also like those “100 Things About Me”;  maybe I’ll try to […]

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About Me

So, at the top of the screen ever since I put up this particular blog template, there’s been “Home” and “About”.  Today, I finally put something on the “About” page.  Not sure if there’s anything new in there.  But it may just lay some things out about me that haven’t been all in one place […]

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On Christmas Eve Marc gave me six vouchers for “late night food-craving runs”.  I am to present Marc with a voucher when I want him to go get my craving of the moment and he will get it and then ceremoniously tear up the voucher into tiny little pieces, never to be used again.  Before […]

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