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And now for something completely different.

So Marc offered to work on a new blog template for me tonight.  After I’ve been hounding him for months to do it.  And after Randall said to email him all the details and he’d set it up, since Marc wasn’t doing it fast enough… Anyway, Marc said he’d do it tonight, so even though […]

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This one goes out to little Ruthie

So, it looks as though Ruth (the bridesmaid in the middle) of “It’s true”, sighed Roo and I have been in the same room together, probably on multiple occasions.  And, if there was a receiving line at that wedding, we may have shaken hands.  Not only that, but she is friends (as if it weren’t […]

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Dear Carissa,

It is 9:05am.  Madeline is off to school.  She doesn’t seem to be sick, other than she still doesn’t seem to be hearing very well (which has nothing to do with her refusal to listen when we have to put in the eye drops).  On the couch are Olivia and Luke watching Jay Jay.  Olivia […]

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More About Me

Okay, when I get a few minutes, I’m going to do a concise version of who I am on my About page.  It occurred to me yesterday that “about me” doesn’t necessarily mean give your life story, talk about your first period, etc.  I also like those “100 Things About Me”;  maybe I’ll try to […]

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About Me

So, at the top of the screen ever since I put up this particular blog template, there’s been “Home” and “About”.  Today, I finally put something on the “About” page.  Not sure if there’s anything new in there.  But it may just lay some things out about me that haven’t been all in one place […]

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Bloggers on the Dock

Spent a really nice afternoon with Randall and Lauralea yesterday.  One last hurrah before they move on to Alberta in a few weeks.  Beautiful surroundings.  Beautiful friends.  Beautiful day.  Check out Randall’s post which links to his pictures.  Marc or I will have a few more up in the next few days.  (Did you know […]

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I’ve been checking out this website for a few months now.  (I think I found it through this blog, which I think I found through Drea‘s blog or maybe Angie‘s blog.  Not sure, thought it was an American’s blog.  It’s pretty hard to keep track of that kind of thing.) The Darfur Project blog is […]

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Blog Silence & Donuts in the Snow

The internet has been rather quiet lately over in our neck of the web. People just aren’t posting much. And I guess I’m as guilty as the next guy. Daily life has been changing for us for some reason, but in a good way. I don’t know if it’s the nursing being finished or the […]

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Our Devices

When left to his own devices, Marc will use humour as foreplay. I, on the other hand, naturally use force, along with explanations of how things can be done efficiently. (Wow. You gotta wonder how we ever do it at all.) ——— (This post brought to you by Too Much Information Wednesday.) (Should’ve done the […]

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The Tale of Yesterday

Every night when I go to bed it feels like my upper arms are “humming” — like I can feel the fat cells multiplying and expanding. I hate it. I’ve never been more out of shape in my life than I am right now. I’ve also never had less free-time to do something about it. […]

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