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Rest in Peace

I walked to my room with the intention of crawling into bed, grabbing the laptop, and writing a post on how I have trouble “resting in peace” each night. This is what I found on my pillow: That’s peace right there. And I was tempted to just try to join Olivia in the peaceful, innocent […]

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Last Night I Dreamt

An above average night for vivid dreams: Last night I dreamt that a bat came in through the fireplace of my parents’ house. I was so brave (what with living with mice and all), that I single-handedly trapped the bat (who had huge ears!) under cardboard and then some jackets. My dad stomped on it […]

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Movie Stores, A Big Stick, and The Belly of A Whale

I know no one really cares about other people’s dreams. And, yes, I realize that I have an entire category on my blog dedicated to my dreams. But last night’s dream may take the prize for craziest Dixie dream ever (and this from someone who once dreamt she gave birth to a bowl of kernel […]

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Sights, Smells, and Places to Rest our Heads

Yesterday morning I woke up from a dream in which Marc and I were at one of the B&Bs from our trip. We were eating, like we did on our trip, our full English breakfast (consisting of egg, sausage, bacon, baked beans, sauteed mushrooms, toast, and cooked tomato — that’s toMAHto, not toMAYto, of course). […]

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Honeymoon Memories Part 1

The other morning I woke up from a dream that left me a little frazzled for the rest of the day. In the dream, it was the day Marc and I were to fly to England but we didn’t have anything ready. (Our friend’s daughter was also an Olympic swimmer, but that wasn’t really the […]

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The Wind Beneath Our Dreams

This morning Luke and I were at the table eating our toast and I asked him if he had had dreams last night. Usually his answer to that question is one word: “I dreamded Superman” or “I dreamded Batman”. No explanation. Just the superhero name. Today his answer was “I dreamded flying”. (Yes, one of […]

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One Dream

Just to give you a little glimpse into my head. Here are the events of one dream I had this morning, right before Madeline woke me up at 6am (!!) telling me she was dressed for school and wondering if it was time to get up. (I think it’s time we put a curtain over […]

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Back to reality

I was just standing around, shooting the breeze with Meryl Streep, waiting to get into the cafe where we and the rest of the movie crew were going to have lunch. We sat at our tables and I got up to get a drink. Then I saw the cream-filled donuts… But had the self-restraint to […]

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“Stealing” a Kiss

I have to be very quiet tonight because Marc has a paper due tomorrow and the library isn’t open on Sundays. He gave me a choice between Steve Bell’s Feast of Seasons and the new Swell Season cd to put on while we’re being quiet together. I told him I wanted Charlie Brown Christmas. He’d […]

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Remembering 1: Dreams

Early Sunday morning I woke up crying from a dream. I was so sad and so emotional, I almost woke Marc up to put his arm around me (which I always do when I have nightmares). Eventually I fell back asleep, but not after crying for quite a while and going over the dream in […]

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