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I’m so tricky…

This morning the kids got up earlier than they usually do — way too early for a Saturday morning.  I prolonged getting out of bed as long as I could, but since I’d promised to let Marc sleep in, I was out of bed and herding the children to the basement before 7:30am.  (Which I […]

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More NON-Pregnant Dreams

The dreams are getting weirder and stranger these days. And, no, I am not pregnant. Last week I had the most disturbing dream of my life. It wasn’t that scary, just sick and evil and yucky. (I partially blame Marc watching a half hour of Red Dragon in the background while I was on the […]

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Cops and Contractions

Strange dreams last night. I watched two movies in my sleep, in their entirety — made up by my brain. One was good and one was stupid. After watching the second movie Marc and I were driving to the office and Jyl was in the backseat of the car. I was annoyed because Marc was […]

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I’m so wise in my dreams.

Last night I dreamt I was at a small-town movie theatre. Of the few choices they had, I chose a movie with Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson on a deserted island. (In my defense, it looked a lot better than that other movie of their’s on an island.) Before the movie, I was in the […]

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My brother is here visiting from Vancouver, and since he is the world-traveler in our family, I asked for his expertise when he was over this morning. In the year 2010 Marc and I will be married for 10 years. So somewhere in the vicinity of that year we’d like to go on a big […]

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Some Night & What I Don’t Like About Spring

Linea has always said that mothers of preschoolers are the tiredest people around (although being a doctor, she said it far more eloquently than that — but I’m tired and “tiredest” is all I can come up with today). I’m really starting to believe her. These kids of ours just can’t coordinate their wake-up times […]

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Into the Wild and Into the World

We got home last night after an evening out with the kids, got them settled in bed, and checked blogs before we sat down to watch a movie.  This was possibly a bit of a mistake as we found out in the quick blog-reading that our friends Eric and Michelle were in labour with their […]

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Thoughts on the drive home.

I went out to church this morning. The kids woke me up just in time. In my dream, I was getting irritated with Randall for not giving me a ride home from a school a ways across town. We were there with Trevor and Peggy. Peggy was giving blood — Randall was the one administering […]

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A Note to Johanna

Johanna, last night I had the privilege of attending your upcoming wedding in the comfort of my bed in an unconscious state. Because I have already experienced this joyous event, let me offer you a bit of advice: Please let Marc know when the processional is about to begin so he can make it to […]

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Another Sunday

I lead worship again this morning at church. All things considered, it went pretty well. What I’d chosen seemed to connect with the congregation, so that was good. But for now, let consider “all of those things”: -We still don’t know if Madeline has the chicken pox. Because of this I didn’t know if I […]

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