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The Past, The Future, and the Light in the Darkness

Marc and I have a couple of go-to movies. They are our comfort movies — our potato/carbohydrate movies. One of those movies is Midnight in Paris. It’s a light, entertaining, and beautiful movie about a writer on vacation in Paris who wishes he could live in the glory days of Paris — in his mind, […]

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Life Lessons Learned from Childbirth

I was really good at being pregnant and giving birth. In fact, if I were to find myself pregnant tomorrow (well, it would actually be in about two weeks, if you want to get technical), you know what I would immediately do? I would take vitamins every morning. I would eat better. I would exercise […]

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Fame for Dave

(I post this today not because it is exceptionally well-performed — one take on Marc’s lunch break, after all!– but because of the great joy that I experienced while making it.) You see, this weekend we celebrated (just a little bit early) Sinterklaas (like Dutch Christmas) with some Dutch folks from the church. We picked […]

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Things that make you go “boo hoo”

We started the day watching this YouTube video which Marc said had been going around the internet lately. Because the internet was being slow the video would pause, at which time the kids and I would make appropriate noises for the way Carrie’s mouth was shaped. “Waaaa! Shhhh! Mamamama!” It was quite entertaining. Of course […]

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Songs to Remember

Today in the middle of my busyness, my anxiety, uncertainty, and my domestic chores I heard the song “Saviour Like a Shepherd Lead Us” by Fernando Ortega. I love that song. As I listened I instantly felt that bittersweet feeling that comes during times of hope and uncertainty — times when life is changing and […]

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I’m 99% sure Madeline and I got a free ($20-value) program when we were at Wicked this afternoon because she was wearing that cute headband of hers. What a fun day we had! What a great musical!

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A few weeks ago Marc and I somehow ended up having a completely free night. We spent the night watching two movies! One of the movies was Awakenings, which is a quality movie and should be watched if you’ve never seen it. In the middle of the movie after seeing many moments where the audience […]

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Luke… I am your Mother…

The Darth Vader costume we ordered for Luke for his birthday arrived in size Youth 12-14 instead of 8-10. The right size is being sent to us, but before we send it back I just had to…

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Dancing Queen… this one will be shown at the wedding.

I was so glad when Luke spontaneously sang Dancing Queen a second time while playing Lego at the table the other day. I grabbed the video camera just in time. This video captures so much. His love of old music. (I did mention on the blog that as he was walking up to the school […]

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Movie Stores, A Big Stick, and The Belly of A Whale

I know no one really cares about other people’s dreams. And, yes, I realize that I have an entire category on my blog dedicated to my dreams. But last night’s dream may take the prize for craziest Dixie dream ever (and this from someone who once dreamt she gave birth to a bowl of kernel […]

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