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The Wind Beneath Our Dreams

This morning Luke and I were at the table eating our toast and I asked him if he had had dreams last night. Usually his answer to that question is one word: “I dreamded Superman” or “I dreamded Batman”. No explanation. Just the superhero name. Today his answer was “I dreamded flying”. (Yes, one of […]

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The air that I breathe and love.

We picked up kd lang’s new retrospective album “Recollection” on my birthday. I was listening to it on my way home from Winnipeg yesterday and one line of this song struck me: Making love with you has left me peaceful, warm, and tired. Can I just say that I almost laughed out loud when I […]

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Morning Ride

Thinking today was going to be as hot as yesterday, the kids and I decided to go for a bike ride. First we put sweaters and jackets over our shorts and t-shirts because today it’s sunny but cold and windy, and then Luke got out his new bike and I attempted to maneuver my bike […]

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This morning was a little rough. It’s funny how now that my classes are over and there is all sorts of free time to be together, the kids start acting up. It always happens that way with them. Plan a nice day together and you can almost guarantee they’ll be cranky. But that’s okay. Today […]

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The Happiness

It’s been nice settling back into normal life. Funny how going back to regular life seems so easy now when it normally overwhelms me. But it’s been good. Getting the house back in order has been especially good. I hate living in mess. I have gotten used to it being married to Marc and having […]

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Piano Love

My dad’s brother linked to this tonight on Facebook. It makes me very happy. Happy right down to my heart, unlike the strange, slightly disturbing happiness brought on by the Boogie Body lady. And it reminds me that a few days before my Grandpa died, he played his horn for the family. (I really need […]

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Move that boogie body!

Okay. I’ll admit it. This afternoon I sat down and read five pages and was done. It’s been a little rough and stressful around here these days. However, I think all of the stress just melted away because of some boogie bodies. I just happened to click on a blog from another blog and half […]

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The Valley: Hurt & Hope

(Listen to “The Valley” while you’re reading.) When I drove into the city the other day, I listened (and sang along) to one of my favourite albums ever: KD Lang’s Hymns of the 49th Parallel. The whole album is a beautiful, bittersweet experience. But the song “The Valley” (written by the wonderful Jane Siberry) has […]

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Sickness & Patience & Made-for-TV Movies

Let me be really honest. It’s been a rough day around here. This is my second day of being sick: non-stop headache, cough, sinus trouble, and general body aches. And I am just so tired. I slept in until almost 9:30am. Spent as much time as I could laying on the couch this morning. (Seeing […]

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The best $10USD I’ve ever spent.

And the answer, of course, to that question is: “I do now!” (Here’s the Google talk conversation Marc had when the t-shirt arrived in the mail this afternoon.)

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