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On Christmas Eve Night

The kids are tucked into the living room tonight — a new tradition as of last year. They are asleep on the couches and the giant bean bag cushion in their new so-soft flannel Christmas pyjamas. The glow of the Christmas tree will shine on them all night long (we didn’t set up the automatic […]

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As long as…

I don’t know what came first: the months of unending sickness in our household or the months of unending research on dying. Actually I know they both started around the same time in November, but what I don’t know is which of those is the cause of the anxiety I have been feeling since that […]

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Rest in Peace

I walked to my room with the intention of crawling into bed, grabbing the laptop, and writing a post on how I have trouble “resting in peace” each night. This is what I found on my pillow: That’s peace right there. And I was tempted to just try to join Olivia in the peaceful, innocent […]

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Today was our last Sunday at Faith Covenant Church in Winnipeg, our church for the past three years. One of the reasons we chose Providence in the first place was because of its proximity to a Covenant church. (Though, in retrospect, I wouldn’t call an hour and twenty minutes round trip each Sunday such “close” […]

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Onion with Christ

I am not a doodler. (I remember as a kid watching my mom talk on the phone and seeing her doodle the most elaborate arrows in the corners of paper, going over and over them until they were so dark they almost broke the paper. Marc is also a doodler. I bought him a box […]

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Something Good

In my Spiritual Formation class this morning, we did a memorization exercise for John 15:16. You did not choose me but I chose you, and appointed you to go and bear fruit — fruit that will last. Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name. At the end of the exercise, […]

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Beds and Dirt and the Body of Christ

A bit of a rough day in these parts, today. The kids had a sleepover last night and they are being total bears today because of it. I guess it’s been a long week for all of us, getting back into scheduled, school life. There’s been crankiness all around. And when these days happen, I […]

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This morning we celebrated Sinterklaas (a day early) with the kids — which is the Dutch equivalent of Christmas, except that it’s about Sinterklaas and not Jesus. When Madeline was a baby I was adamant that she would never believe in Santa Claus and that that should never be a part of Christmas. But somewhere […]

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Social Anxiety 2.0

Last year for my course-required counselling I focused on my anxiety over other people’s perspectives of me, and how even just my own speculation of their thoughts drove me crazy. I have felt so much better with interactions this year everywhere, except at church. I haven’t been able to put my finger on why. I’ve […]

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Easter 2011

The five of us are on our own here today. It’s actually been better than I expected, being away from our families while seeing so many families who are together down here. We’re trying to make the day special in small ways: driving home from Winnipeg taking a different, back road (we actually saw a […]

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