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Faith & Covenant

Part of the reason Marc decided to go to Providence is because we wanted to stay connected to the Covenant denomination throughout seminary. There is a church in Winnipeg a little over a half hour away. (Okay, today it took us 45 minutes to get there, but we just need to figure out the best […]

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Like a Tiny Flower

Luke & Olivia are playing nicely together in the newly-painted craft room, and even that makes me feel a little better. The last few days I feel like I’ve been slipping back into the “old Dixie” who gets frustrated and hopeless before she’s even out of bed in the morning. And I don’t want to […]

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What Drives Us

I was looking back at some old posts today and it is strange to read my words — to hear the voice that used to be my voice and which isn’t any longer. You see, lately I’ve begun to realize the things that drive me. And you know when I realized what those things were? […]

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It Doesn’t Matter

I have a friend from high school who lives far away and who I don’t see very often. This friend has had a life full of problems — abuse after abuse, in so many bad and heart-breaking situations continuing into adulthood. Whenever we talk I am amazed that she has made it through at all. […]

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Because it’s going to be a busy weekend.

I haven’t posted in a few days. Not sure why. Had some good days and some really tiring days. Just doing other things I guess, and trying to keep my head on straight. After school today I head over to the Alliance church to practice one more time for the ladies’ retreat going on there […]

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Love & Language & Faith Corners

Sometimes I feel inspired when I write a post. Sometimes I have this feeling like now is the time (and usually far too late at night) for me to get these particular thoughts out, and it all just sort of flows out of my fingertips. But tonight I don’t feel any of that. Yet, there’s […]

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If 2007 could be summarized in a word, I think I’d pick “flooded” — giving birth flooded, new house flooded, facing my past and my demons flooded. The kind of flooding that takes you right to the core of who you are. Not the nicest place to be in, but there I was for at […]

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I’m the sigh.

I lead worship tomorrow. I have to be at the church early. I shouldn’t be doing a post when 11pm is quickly approaching. I’m sitting in the bed here with my copy of the service beside me. I’m wondering what scripture passage to use to bridge two parts of the service. But I’m just feeling […]

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Just thinking.

Well, the ladies’ retreat was good. Very good. Instead of wimpering around and feeling like I had nothing to offer the ladies, I realized again that I really do enjoy leading people, getting things organized, and keeping it all interesting for people. It was a good weekend. So many laughs and so many opportunities for […]

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I leave in less than three hours for the church’s ladies’ retreat. Another weekend away. This should be my dream, right? Sort of. If you put aside the fact that I am the retreat co-ordinator, m.c., and worship leader, the weekend should be something to look forward to. Actually, even with all of those things […]

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