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The Past, The Future, and the Light in the Darkness

Marc and I have a couple of go-to movies. They are our comfort movies — our potato/carbohydrate movies. One of those movies is Midnight in Paris. It’s a light, entertaining, and beautiful movie about a writer on vacation in Paris who wishes he could live in the glory days of Paris — in his mind, […]

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Contrived Joy/Pure Joy

So that last post showed the dandelion pictures from today, but if you go back to the dandelion post of 2008 you will see that to get a decent happy picture of the children is near impossible. Today wasn’t much different. “Look at the camera, Olivia!” “No bunny ears, Luke!” “Sit straight. Sit forward. Sit […]

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What kind of a mother am I?

Sometimes I wonder if other people have a better grasp on the kind of mother I am than I do… Early in our parenting career Marc and I were pretty aware of the kind of parents we were — or maybe the kind of parents we weren’t. From our small circle of parent-friends whom we knew […]

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10 Years Ago Tonight

That was Marc and me on November 30, 2002 — ten years ago tonight and two weeks away from giving birth. I can hardly believe it was a decade ago that I was pregnant with Madeline! It has all gone by so fast. I remember so much of it so clearly. Yet when I really […]

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First Days of School

This week the kids started back to school. Madeline and Luke started grade 5 and grade 2 respectively and respectably on Tuesday. This morning Olivia got on the bus with her brother and sister to go for her first day of kindergarten. She was so excited. No need for us to drive her or be […]

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Parenting out of Love not Judgment

I wonder how long it takes to get over the social anxiety of being a parent. You know how you’re not supposed to bring up sex, politics, and religion at the dinner table? Well, I’m pretty sure parenting is all of those three taboo subjects wrapped up in the hyper, misbehaving, flesh-coloured parcel of your […]

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Five Years

Fives years of being a mother of three. Interesting. I think it’s possible that I’m more tired these days than when that first picture was taken with Olivia two weeks old. Also, in that top picture, I’m wearing size 6 pants. Not doing that these days either. Oh well. We will get there again someday. […]

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What’s there to fear about having kids?

Here in Manitoba we have quite a few sets of friends who are newly married. Married two or three years, just long enough for people to start wondering, “So… what about kids?” Marc and I were married young — really young when I look back on it. I had turned 21 four months before the wedding and […]

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Otterburne Outdoor Adventure

One more day of Spring Break left. It’s been a good, but tiring week having all of the kids home. We’ve gone bowling, stayed a hotel with waterslide, gone to an ear-nose-and-throat specialist, played with friends, stayed with friends, play-dated with friends, had some company over, had some good meals out, and began the weekend […]

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Freedom: Choice or Gift?

Last Friday’s session with my counsellor consisted of a lot of crying. I was still exhausted from a week of being sick. I was overcome with a whole bunch of emotions. And when I’m tired I am even more prone to cry than I am normally, which is already a lot. I was not a […]

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