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Honeymoon Memories Part 1

The other morning I woke up from a dream that left me a little frazzled for the rest of the day. In the dream, it was the day Marc and I were to fly to England but we didn’t have anything ready. (Our friend’s daughter was also an Olympic swimmer, but that wasn’t really the […]

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If you want to float on water…

… you’ve got to buy an $18 dingy. We’ve had two days at the beach so far this trip, with hopefully many more to come. I really do love it here. I even got in the water today!

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Here I am, over here.

Here I am, laying on the bed in the guest room at my cousin’s house in Calgary. It’s Sunday night. I know that because I vaguely remember going to church this morning. This is the third guest bed I’ve slept in since Thursday night. This is also the third wifi signal I’ve had to figure […]

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Vacation 2009

The pictures are here! I had the brainwave this year of uploading the vacation to Flickr. Much easier to just throw them there and order them and add descriptions, as opposed to resizing each and every one to fit the width of my blog. Plus the slideshow shows them at a nice big size. Our […]

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That’s a big tree!

Vacation 2009 pictures coming soon!

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The Vandersluyses

I love this boy. We are terribly unphotogenic. But we do love to have fun. This was our awkward, overdone “Sears” pose — thus the hands. Good times. We spent 10 days of our holiday in Summerland visiting with Marc’s family. It was so good to see everyone. And our time there was extremely relaxing, […]

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We’re home.

After 22 days and over 5,300 kilometres, we’re back in Prince Albert. There is much to tell, but for now this (which you can click on to make bigger):

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Vacation Pictures

Marc has now posted Day 4 of our vacation.  That was the day of the driving.  We thought the day before was the day of driving.  When we pulled into Coronach in the evening of Day 3, we sat on the empty side of the restaurant so as not to disturb everyone else’s supper.  But […]

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Sweet, Windy Memories

We got back this afternoon from our week-long vacation.  Good, good times.  Vacation posts to follow.  But I have to show you this one, taken Wednesday afternoon, down 20 km of gravel and 10km of farmer’s field, to one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen: That’s Lake Diefenbaker in the background. And the […]

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Vacations 2007, Part II: 1st Vacation

I can’t wait for Marc to finish chronicling our summer road trip anymore…  So, let’s get on with our first vacation of the year — which was actually in the summer, but the weather was straight crap and may as well have been in October.  We were supposed to go to Summerland in August but […]

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