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The stories we tell and tell and tell…

Are there certain phrases that roll easily and frequently off your tongue? When a particular subject, event, or person comes up, do you have “go to” phrases that you always say? Have you told the same story in the same way to many different people even across years? Or is it just me? I continue […]

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Dear Dixie,

Dear Dixie, Today you feel stressed. Today everything is too much and you just want to crawl under the covers and stay in bed all day. You tried that a few times. Unfortunately, you can’t fall asleep. Your brain keeps spinning with everything — all of the things that you need to do, all of […]

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Resisting the urge to title this “Parenting: My Cascading Mountain of Rage”

Parenting. Who knew? Who knew it would feel like walking in circles. Or — what’s that one from pinterest? — brushing your teeth while eating an Oreo cookie. Or like that woodpecker who decided to try out the siding by our front door the other day: you bang your head over and over again and […]

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Neuroscience and Neon Sweatpants

In May I had the chance to sit in on a class on the psychology of emotion. A big component of the class was on neuroscience and psychology. I was part of a group that did a presentation on the neural correlates of obsessive-compulsive disorder. (I wasn’t taking it for credit, so don’t expect me […]

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As long as…

I don’t know what came first: the months of unending sickness in our household or the months of unending research on dying. Actually I know they both started around the same time in November, but what I don’t know is which of those is the cause of the anxiety I have been feeling since that […]

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Finding *Your* Thing

Today is the first quiet morning I’ve had in… I couldn’t tell you when. I am enjoying having the house to myself and am cozily sitting in my bed in my pyjamas¬†drinking a chai tea latte that I made for myself. Olivia and her two friends will descend on the house for the afternoon in […]

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Thoughts on Growing the Oldest

I had a strange and slightly backward realization last week. I had the opportunity to attend a prayer meeting at a senior’s home with a few of the seniors from the church. When we were visiting together afterward, I looked around the table and had this thought: “What will life be like when there are […]

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Rest in Peace

I walked to my room with the intention of crawling into bed, grabbing the laptop, and writing a post on how I have trouble “resting in peace” each night. This is what I found on my pillow: That’s peace right there. And I was tempted to just try to join Olivia in the peaceful, innocent […]

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Cheers and Tears and Authoritarian Fears

I didn’t get into a whole lot of trouble when I was a kid. I don’t know how much trouble I deserved, but it was probably more than what I got. I responded to said “trouble” in two distinct ways: I rebelled or I cried. A few examples… In grade 5, I made a sarcastic […]

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Pieces of Me

I was reminded tonight of an experience I had earlier in the year — kind of a strange but cool experience that I just never took the time to share: As part of my practicum classes we have to go for personal counseling. I took my second practicum in the summer. I started my personal […]

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