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The Myth of the “New”

For Lent I gave up “buying things”. I can buy food and gas (sometimes the gas is thrown in free depending on the kind of food I buy! Ba-doom Ching!), and last week I bought supplies for Luke’s birthday party. But other than that, I do not buy anything. Now, Sunday is the feast day, […]

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True Wealth

Madeline has a best friend in her school in Niverville. Apparently they play together every recess. They alternate who gets to decide what to play: if Madeline picks the game for the two short recesses, her friend picks the activity for the longer lunch recess. And vice versa. They have it very well planned. Last […]

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How long CAN we go?

Since the kids are no longer in swimming lessons in Steinbach every week (when Olivia and I would get groceries while Marc and the big kids were at the pool), we’ve been trying to limit our shopping (and thus our driving) to Sundays after church, and then pick up the odd thing when we take […]

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The good thing about living in a trailer.

Now that we’re here and settled and our old house in PA is officially someone else’s, we are trying to sort out our finances. We got our last PA water bill yesterday and the last power and energy bills should be on their way soon. Which brings me to the good thing about living in […]

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All Our Stuff

I’m not feeling lost, but I know that normally I would feel lost right about now. I’ve only been alluding to things on the blog lately, and everything is still uncertain, but I imagine that we will be moving this summer. And that’s really all I know. The fact that I’m not freaking out and […]

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Yesterday afternoon, while the little kids were napping, I crawled into my bed and did our taxes. Strange place, you say, for doing taxes? Well, my bed is my favourite place and doing taxes is my favourite annual activity, there’s room to spread out all the papers, you throw in a Toblerone bar, and life […]

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Getting scared.

Over the past decade I’ve lost my interest in politics and money. I used to care. I used to think that politics and money, if wielded by the right hands, could make a positive change in the world. And maybe they can. But no one’s done it yet. And while I’ve been losing the interest, […]

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Bills, bills, bills

Apparently in the past I’ve been almost happy about the July bills.  But not this month. Today Marc went down to our insurance brokers and paid our van license, package policy, and house insurance.  Wham.  Bam.  Thank-you, Mam.  I know in the end we save by not doing the monthly payment thing, but it sure […]

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These words actually came out of my mouth

When we began eating the mini Cadbury creme eggs I purchased for half price this afternoon: I bought the mini ones because the creme to chocolate ratio is always too much, plus they cost less than the regular ones per gram. I guess you’ll either love me or hate me after that.

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Made My Day

Last night we were going to have the kids in bed just after 7pm, and (since we were too tired to even think by the end of the day) watch a movie before crawling into bed early.  For a number of reasons that didn’t happen.  We did have the light off before 10pm, though.  But […]

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