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My Favourite Time of the Month

… is by far when I pay the bills.  I spend a few minutes after I’ve payed everything just looking at the account balances, seeing how far the mortgage principal has gone down this month, seeing what’s moved where, and how we’ve spent our money.  Granted, we’ve never had a month where we have been unable to pay […]

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Now you'll really hate me.

I did up Marc’s tax return last night, but since I’m still waiting on one document for mine, I could only do up a preliminary return for me… isn’t that unfortunate?

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No better way to spend an evening.

Last night after the kids went to bed, I spent a good 2 hours paying our utility bills, going through our accounts to figure out how much extra we’ll be able to put down on the mortgage principal this year, going through some charity mail outs and figuring out what we can give there, and writing […]

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This whole money thing.

It looks like we have ourselves some pretty nasty Visa bills this month.  It seems like it’s been a long month, as my weekend getaway with Lisa (which seems like such a long time ago) was at the beginning of the statement.  Add to that a Mary Kay order, $900 to license our vehicle, and groceries […]

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Mortgage Fun

While doing a bit of online banking this morning, I discovered these fun little tips on how to pay down your mortgage quickly.  It’s amazing the amount of interest that you may possibly pay on your mortgage — sometimes up to twice as much as the principal loan!!!!  So, for any of you who have mortgages […]

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