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Neuroscience and Neon Sweatpants

In May I had the chance to sit in on a class on the psychology of emotion. A big component of the class was on neuroscience and psychology. I was part of a group that did a presentation on the neural correlates of obsessive-compulsive disorder. (I wasn’t taking it for credit, so don’t expect me […]

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Because the rest of the year they look like hobos…

Today is Christmas Eve. It is the one day a year when I force the girls to let me do their hair the way I like. (Why, oh why, Fates, did you give the mom who loves wavy hair two girls who love their hair straightened, or even worse: unbrushed and unkempt?!) Well, there was […]

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Fame for Dave

(I post this today not because it is exceptionally well-performed — one take on Marc’s lunch break, after all!– but because of the great joy that I experienced while making it.) You see, this weekend we celebrated (just a little bit early) Sinterklaas (like Dutch Christmas) with some Dutch folks from the church. We picked […]

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Cheers and Tears and Authoritarian Fears

I didn’t get into a whole lot of trouble when I was a kid. I don’t know how much trouble I deserved, but it was probably more than what I got. I responded to said “trouble” in two distinct ways: I rebelled or I cried. A few examples… In grade 5, I made a sarcastic […]

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Pain. Papers. Poop.

Something is wrong. Since late fall I’ve been experiencing chest pains that come and go. Sometimes they stay for a few days. Sometimes they are movement activated. Sometimes there are just flashes of pain. I had these a bit when Marc and I were first married. After getting an EKG, the doctor established back then […]

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Mennonites, Belly Dancing & Being Sexy

This morning I went to see my friend’s belly dancing class perform in Steinbach. It was a group of women ranging in ages from 20s to 60s, and, since it is Steinbach, I’m going to assume that about 80-90% have some Mennonite in their background. (Their ethnic heritage has actually nothing to do with the […]

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Dress like a (Mad Science) Teacher

Yet another creative costume that Madeline came up with. (You’ll recall grade 2 when she was a hairdresser for career day.) Today Madeline decided to dress up as a Mad Science teacher for “dress like a teacher day”. She wanted to get her hair as much like Albert Einstein’s as possible (so she actually slept […]

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Luke… I am your Mother…

The Darth Vader costume we ordered for Luke for his birthday arrived in size Youth 12-14 instead of 8-10. The right size is being sent to us, but before we send it back I just had to…

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Trapped in the Bathtub

Well, it ended up to be quite the morning over here! I slept in until 9:20am because I can’t shake this sore throat and I felt horrible when the alarm went off this morning. Marc brought me some¬†breakfast to eat before I got up and then I laid on the couch and read a textbook […]

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I think life is like this sometimes…

You can be the big T-Rex about to eat the little T-Rex. Or the little T-Rex about to be eaten. You can be the one making the dinosaurs fight. Or maybe you`re the one standing back, watching, and having a good laugh about the absurdity of it all. Regardless, it`s a pretty great picture.

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