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Marc has now posted Day 4 of our vacation.  That was the day of the driving.  We thought the day before was the day of driving.  When we pulled into Coronach in the evening of Day 3, we sat on the empty side of the restaurant so as not to disturb everyone else’s supper.  But the kids were so antsy from the driving that it was still up and down and noise, noise, noise — each kid to the bathroom, Olivia needs a new diaper, Olivia just spilled all over her shirt, Luke wants to look at the gumball machine, Madeline dropped her crayons.  It was chaos.  And we were exhausted parents.  Our crowning moment was when we got to the bed and breakfast that night (an Eaton’s catalogue farmhouse):  the lady was showing us the upstairs and telling us that we could pick whichever bedrooms we wanted to stay in.  And then Luke and Madeline started fighting about which bed they each wanted and Olivia started crying.  Eventually the lady left us.  But she got a good 20 minutes of yelling and crying and horrible behaviour from the entire Vandersluys family.  What can I say?  We like to make an entrance!  (And we got three separate bedrooms and breakfast for only $60!!)

Besides the pictures in Marc’s Days 1 & 2 and Day 3 posts, he has more pictures up on Flickr.  But I’ll throw some in that I like below.  One of my favourites being this one from late in Day 4 (after 6 hours in the car driving in the middle of nowhere to Grasslands National Park and then making the long trek from Val Marie to Swift Current to Lake Diefenbaker) we were treated to a beautiful rainbow.  The kids got out to get a better look:

And the rest are random pictures from the first four days.  The first ones are what I like to call “Vacationing On Mommy’s Hip” — which is where Olivia spent a good chunk of her non-stroller, non-carseat time on the holiday.

There’s me and the kids on main street in Rouleau, where they tape Corner Gas.  (I like this one because it’s such a normal moment.)

In front of my favourite history professor’s office at the U of R.

In front of Campion College where a good chunk of my degree was earned.

Madeline learning a little more (as if she doesn’t know enough already!) about the process of baby-making at the Science Centre in Regina.

And, back to my hip, with the family in front of the life-size manequin of the Willow Bunch Giant (Marc’s 6 feet tall, if that puts it in perspective!).

(There are some good pictures coming up in the next days of the vacation.  This post feels a bit random, but if you read Marc’s posts about where we went, it’ll make a bit more sense. For now, I need to stop procrastinating and plan out Sunday’s worship service!)

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