29 and a half

Well, it’s November.  Six months since last April.  Six months until next April.  This makes me officially 29.5.  Can you still have half years once your age has reached double digits?

For Marc’s 30th last December we threw a big literary-themed dress-up party.  It was a great party.  Good times.  And I got to organize it all so I had an exceptionally good time.

So, since Marc had a big 30th party, I guess I should too.  I’d love to plan the party.  But the fact that the party will be for me makes it just a little less fun.

Still, I want to give it a shot.  Maybe not as crazy as Marc’s.  Or maybe more crazy, since I am the crazy one in the family.

Here are some birthday themes that have crossed my mind so far.  Throw your thoughts and ideas down here too, if you like:

1. Mamma Mia-Themed Disco Party.  Enough said.  I think this would be awesome!  One of those rare occasions when I can show cleavage guilt-free.
2. Grocery Shower.  Everyone bring me their favourite recipes and a sack of potatoes or some other food item.  So I can get extremely useful presents.
3. Hotel Rwanda Party.  Depressing, yes.  But I am the one who had a Schindler’s List birthday party in grade 11.  We could raise money to send to people in need.  But, ya, probably won’t do this one.  I blame Jyl for this idea.  🙂
4. Joni Mitchell Karaoke Party.  This one just came to me, because Blue is playing on the computer as I’ve been working here today.  And I love it.  Maybe we could all bring a depressing poem from our teenage years (or just listen to mine), and sing the songs.  But I think there’d have to be marijuana at the party for that to work.  I’d like it (the Mitchell karaoke not the marijuana), but probably nobody else.

And that’s all I’ve come up with.  There are so few opportunities in life to be crazy in an organized manner, I think I should do something costume-y for my party.  So maybe the disco thing would be the best.  Maybe Marc could get Meryl Streep to come and sing for me or something.

Of course, my party planning would be solved if I received a hot tub for my 30th birthday present.  But this is so not the year for that.  If there was ever a year for that not to happen, this is the year.  And that’s okay.  SaskPower gift certificates have always been on my wishlist.

What to do?  What to do?

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9 Responses to 29 and a half

  1. rebekah says:

    I never thought of having a themed party for my 30th. What a great idea. I have always wanted a surprise party but since Trev and I have birthdays 2 weeks apart over Christmas and the New Year (and we both turn the same age) I can’t really throw him a party if the same people would come to mine. I wish we could hire someone to just surprise the both of us.

  2. Angie says:

    Ooo ooo I vote for the Mamma Mia party! That would be so fun. Maybe it should be a Mamma Mia karaoke party. Everyone loves to sing Abba.

  3. Ruth says:

    my vote is for the hotel rwanda party. it would be a “party with a purpose!” 🙂

    btw — my bd is in april too. do you live in pa? i used to live there!!!! way back in the 80’s but i do have a few roots that still take me back to that neck of the woods.

    shalom to you!

  4. Jyl says:

    I vote for the Hotel Rwanda party…complete with that idea we both thought about but neither wanted to say 🙂

  5. Dixie says:

    Yes, Ruth. I live in PA. Where’d you go to school/church here? Would our paths have crossed?!

  6. lisa says:

    off the top of my head…a swinger party?? 😉

  7. Ruth says:

    wow!!! small small SMALL world. i didn’t live in pa very long — first i lived in weldon for 1.5 years and then we lived around 4 years in pa. (this was at least 23 years ago) i went to the apostolic church and to 3 different schools over the 4 years we were there….hmmm…what were they called? wj berezowsky school? (i think) prince charles school? (i think) and then a a.c.e school at the apostolic church.

    but i had a lot of friends that went to crossroads.

    i lived in several houses all over town but the last one was on 7th street east. did you grow up in pa?

  8. Dixie says:

    Okay, Ruth, you want an even smaller world? My dad was born in Weldon (tho’ he grew up in Parkside) and then my grandparents moved back to Weldon when my younger uncles were still growing up. So we were always in Weldon visiting Grandma and Grandpa Dynna.

    And, yes, I grew up in PA. My mom owned the CHristian bookstore, so we seemed to know lots of people from lots of different churches.

    If you want, we can continue this on email — vandermeander AT gmail DOT com. That way we can divulge a bit more info.

    Wow. Cool. I love Weldon. Or at least, I love the memories of Weldon. We sang for my grandparents 45th anniversary at the town hall and I burst into tears b/c my aunt was laughing b/c I was so cute, and I thought she was laughing at me. But I was 5, what did I expect?!

  9. Rayna says:

    I like Angie’s idea! It’s your 30th – have fun with it… and who doesn’t like showing some cleavage guilt-free? 🙂

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