Tonight’s Wardrobe Options

So my whole family is doing some fundraiser concert in a little town 45 minutes away tonight.  My whole family — my folks, my uncle, my brother and sister-in-law, Marc, Madeline and I.  We leave in an hour.  We’ve had one and a half practices.  This week has been crazy.  This weekend is crazier.  But that’s another story.

Right now I’m just trying to figure out what to wear.  My mom bought some tummy-tucking underwear the other day and gave me two of them.  So my dilemma is to wear that underwear which will suck in my tummy and have that look thinner at the expense of my ass hanging out the bottom of the underwear and losing the curviness that my hips give me.  Then there’s the question of wearing the push up bra which has the potential to make me look too big on top versus the regular bra which may make me look like I have shrunken chesticles (as Michael Scott would put it). And then do I wear the tighter black jacket or the flowy black shirt…?

I wish I could be like Marc and tighten up a belt on my pants, throw on any old shirt, and the fact that my belly is hanging over the belt will be completely hidden.

I think I’ll just stick with my regular underwear.  Curviness isn’t a bad thing.  And hopefully the flowy shirt will hide whatever needs to be hidden without making me look bigger than I am.

Whatever… I still need to clean the kitchen for the babysitters.  Oh and figure out supper for them.  There are obviously a lot more important things to be thinking about right now…

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  1. Jobina says:

    I have a huge problem dressing for any special occasion out of the house. I think it comes from getting a new outfit for every occasion while I was growing up…too bad I can’t justify that anymore! For what it’s worth, curviness is a good thing. The stuff that pushes up and sucks in is good under only a few outfits, but for the most part ends up looking unnatural.
    I’d love to hear that concert!

  2. Simon says:

    This talk of “chesticles” goes very nicely with that moving little video piece your loving husband posted over there on his blog.

    I swear, reading your two sites in tandem is sometimes a very surreal experience. An enjoyable one, none the less, don’t get me wrong. But often enjoyably surreal.

  3. Ruth says:

    !!! ahhhhh. i went to a fundraiser a couple weeks ago. i never dress up but took time to dress myself in my one lone black dress, black tights and black shoes.

    we arrived at the dinner and busted through the doors to note that EVERYONE was wearing long, sequin dinner gowns.

    they all stared at us as we walked through the doors and i looked down to make sure my staticy skirt wasn’t riding up my leg.

    that was when i noticed that my white lace slip had fallen mid way down my calf and was hanging about a foot below the hem of my dress.


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