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Got this meme from Melanie of The Indextrious Reader (great book reviews!).  On her blog she just did first lines for each month.  But since my first lines were pretty boring, I thought I’d see how I started and finished each month.  The best closing line was June (although February is along the same lines).   The best opening line, since none of them were overly entertaining, will have to be February (because Jean Vanier’s brilliant).  Best first and last combination, hands down, is October (November was pretty good, too).

And since it looks like these lines are a tribute to my use of the sentence fragment, let’s just get this out once and for all: I write the way I would say things, and so I use sentence fragments to emphasize the space between thoughts.  I know the way I write is not always grammatically correct.  (Trust me.  I live with the Grammar Faerie. I know grammar. I just chose to ignore it.)  So, ya, if my lack of proper sentence structure has been secretly bothering you (like it does Marc), now you know.  However, it will continue, as will my overuse of the words “so” and “anyway”.

And now I give you the first and last of 2008:

“And this was not the long way home, Lauralea.”
“And just what I need these days of discovering life and humanity and my place in it all.”

“Our lives are a mystery of growth from weakness to weakness, from the weakness of the little baby to the weakness of the aged.” (Quote from Jean Vanier in Becoming Human)
“Haven’t felt pure joy like that since… well… probably since that time that Marc won’t let me mention on the blog…)”

“Marc’s upstairs in bed trying to sleep off whatever medication he took last night to help him sleep through his newly acquired congestion.”
“You may have just saved the day!”

“It is now a mere 25 days until my birthday.”
“And for Marc to give me a nice big hug.”

“On May 1, 2007 I had a 3-day old baby.”
“(And I hope I’ve made cousin Maryanne officially jealous.)”

“Strange dreams last night.”
And yet even being told that she smells like sod and an old barn will not deter hot young wife…”

“Was spent at Batoche, even though we were only going to stay there for a few hours and then maybe hit the beach or get the kids playing in their pool (which we filled with a huge volume of costly water the other day and which they then did not go in and instead started taking pails of water from there to the wheelbarrow).”
“I’ll enjoy these memories for now:”

“I stopped by the hospital tonight after we drove in from the Dynna family reunion 20 minutes out of town.”
“And yet, until I do, I constantly live in fear of who I “really am” and am unable to accept myself and the love of others.”

“I officially love Mamma Mia (which I think is proven by my three theatre viewings in the past 10 days).”  (I obviously wrote this post before seeing it 3 more times in the following 5 days!)
“She was a baby turning into a little girl that day, playing in the sand.”

“Spent a really nice afternoon with Randall and Lauralea yesterday.”
“I’m just glad we all made it through the day without me killing everybody. ;)

“Well, it’s November.”
“Hope it all doesn’t look like puppy poop on your screen…”

“Last night I dreamt that I somehow had the inside scoop on the death of one of the members of the British monarchy.”
“It’s been a good few days around here.”

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2 Responses to First & Last Lines

  1. Melanie says:

    Hey Dixie – I like the addition of the last lines; it makes for some interesting juxtapositions! (I find December particularly funny for some reason) And the pictures are great especiallly in this snowy month. 🙂

  2. Paula says:

    October made me laugh!!!

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