Did I mention that I’m the co-organizer of this year’s ladies’ retreat at our church? And since the other co-organizer is in the States until the week of the retreat, I guess that makes me the organizer. And the retreat is in just over two weeks.

What am I supposed to be doing for this anyway? I’m not quite sure. The theme is on the “Seasons of Life”. My sister-in-law is going to be the speaker that weekend — she has young kids and is a nurse in a nursing home, so she experiences almost all of the “seasons of life” everyday! My whole goal for the weekend is to get the ladies talking, sharing our stories so that we can learn from we’ve experienced at the different stages of our lives.

So, I’m trying to think of “get to know you”-type games. And I’m sitting here tonight (while Marc is studying — just how we planned to celebrate our dating anniversary) googling like an idiot. You know how you get really bizarre google hits on your blog (like how everyday someone googles “used lingerie” and finds this post)? Well, tonight that would be me.

I’d love to see who in the group has done the most bizarre things. So I tried googling “bucket list”, but really only found stuff about the movie or people’s made up bucket lists which were very person-specific. Marc suggested I google “Meme +100 things you’ve done”, and I got a good list from that (not that one where it asks about having casual sex outdoors, you know the one that I mean, where you add up the points).

What else can I think of that will get the ladies talking and interacting and having fun? I’m sure inspiration will hit. Either at 1am or maybe as I’m driving to the retreat and have no way of getting supplies for the game.  Oh well,  I’ve got a bit of time.

Now back to the random google searches.

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  1. Carissa says:

    I have couple ideas for you…but of course, they may be way too lame! Take ’em or leave ’em! 🙂 I’ve played a game where you have to write down three things about yourself, random facts that you don’t think anyone would know about you, and then each slip of paper gets read out and people guess who wrote the three items. Also, last fall at MMO, we did like a “speed dating” thing, and called it “speed friendship,” so we had a sheet of about 10 questions, some very light (how many kids do you have, etc.), and some were more thinking ones (what is your greatest strength, etc.), and we gave 5 minutes, I think it was, then switched, found another woman to go over the questions with. I found that with some women, even ones I knew well, those 5 min went so fast, and we often weren’t even answering the questions. Those two games are good b/c they’re easy, they don’t require much for supplies, etc., just paper and pens. And a game I’ve done at showers could work too, where you have a name (or concept or item….whatever) on your back that you don’t know what it says…then you mingle with people, asking yes/no questions until you figure out what’s on your back. So it could be a person, i.e. grandmother; or it could be an item, i.e. a diaper; or an idea/concept, i.e. patience…..I think they should all be the same, so everyone has the same starting point, but the range of themes is wide-open. It could be famous people even. It is usually fun too, and just papers and tape or whatever to stick to people’s backs, so not a lot of supplies. Just a few ideas….like I said, take ’em or leave ’em! 🙂 Have fun – that’s what you love to do, right? 🙂 Ladies retreats are the best! And Happy Dating Annv, and Happy Vtines Day too, by the way! 🙂

  2. lyn says:

    One ladies’ retreat I went on, at mealtimes, we would pick a piece of paper out of a basket, and on it was a ‘team name’ and those with the same team name were the ones you’d sit with for that meal. I liked it because it was an easy way of getting people to mix with others who they might not normally sit with. You could do it for some meals and let people choose their own seats for other meals. (we’d put the papers back in the basket after the meal so they could be reused – one year the teams were the fruits of the spirit, another year they were countries, etc.)

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