It’s 11pm. The traditional bedtime hour for Marc and I. If we get the lights off before 11pm on any given night, we consider it going to bed “early”. If we have the lights off after 11pm, we call it going to bed “late”. I guess when we hit it right at 11:00pm, that’s “on time”. But tonight it is already 11:05pm and I’m sitting here on the bed in my pyjamas wondering when Marc will come upstairs.

So, what’s been going on? Today I went to a local consignment shop to see if they sold maternity clothes. The owner is looking for spring/summer maternity clothes. So, here’s what I’ve decided: I’m going to take my really good maternity clothes over to that consignment store, along with a bag of the really good kids spring/summer clothes. In total there will be 1.5 large garbage bags going to that store. The rest I will take to Children’s Haven. “The rest”, of course, is about 7 large, stuffed garbage bags. I feel good about this. No garage sale. Lots of good stuff going to kids that need it. But still getting a little bit of that investment back. Judge me if you will. I feel good about my decision. Finally.

This afternoon and evening I worked on organizing the clothes and emptying the 12(!!) Rubbermaid containers of kids clothes we’re getting rid of into the garbage bags. Then, because if I really want to tone up and lose some weight, I will actually have to exercise, I pulled out the Gazelle and did that for 40 minutes, followed by some hand-weights. I watched the Meryl Streep Biography while doing that. It made the time go incredibly fast! I think I’ll put on a Meryl Streep movie every night and do that workout. I mean, I need to do something and that might be all the incentive I need.

My head is kind of spinning this week. Laundry and messes and dirty floors are piling up. We’ve got Luke’s birthday party on Wednesday night and then his little friend party on Saturday afternoon. We’re out Saturday night. Marc preaches on Sunday. And tomorrow Marc and I both have meetings/practices to be at. The week wouldn’t be so bad if last week and the week before hadn’t required so much of us and if we weren’t starting to prepare for what the summer holds for us. But such is life.

And I’m pretty proud that tonight after finishing my office work, I decided not to sort the laundry out for the morning and get the bags and Rubbermaid containers cleared out of the living room. Instead I relaxed and redid our taxes. And now I’m writing this completely boring post, waiting for Marc to come upstairs so we can both complain that we didn’t get to bed “on time”.

So, good night then.

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2 Responses to Bedtime

  1. Lauralea says:

    Good for you! Progress on so many fronts.

    : )

    I’m proud of you.

  2. Collette says:

    yes yes, good stuff.

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