Runaway Dreams

I’m sitting here waiting for Luke’s dvd choice is finished, so I can put on Olivia’s choice. And, yes, the amount of tv the kids are watching is directly proportionate to how sick we all still are. Luke has thrown up at least once a day since Friday. (ugh…) So the tv goes on just so he will sit still and rest — which apparently kids don’t feel the need to do unless they’re fevered, which mine aren’t.

So, for your entertainment, I thought I would share my current dream phase: the runaway dream. Three nights in a row now, I’ve had a dream where I’ve been running away from somebody/something in a total panic.

Dream #1: I am Gwyneth Paltrow in Shakespeare in Love (lucky me!) and I’m standing in field. A group of angry men are coming towards me trying to catch me. There are three stray horses in the field and I manage to get to the horses before they do. I jump on the horse (because it’s my dream, and I’m Gwyneth Paltrow in an Elizabethan dress, so obviously I can just jump right on with no effort) and gallop away. Just then the men reach the other horses and start galloping towards me, very fast. I was so scared and knew I couldn’t get away. So I did the only thing I could do, which was of course to rip open the bodice of my dress and flash the men in order to distract them enough to get away. It worked. (Of course it did! I was Gwyneth Paltrow!) (I woke up after this.)

Dream #2: I am in a 1960s-style quirky house where a family from our church was staying. I walk into a really big, artsy room where the artsiest daughter is staying, with me is their youngest daughter (who is our kids’ babysitter in real life) and her dad. We get to the end of the room and two lions walk slowly into the room. This is not a surprise as we must be in Africa or something because we were not shocked to see the lions. Shocked, no. Scared, oh my yes. At first I think the male lion is looking at the female lion like he is going to attack her. Then I realize that both of the lions are walking all the way to the end of the room and around the partial wall straight for me. It was so very scary. However, at some point the lions pause for just a second and we manage to run out of the room and know that we are safe. (I wake up.)

Dream #3: (Last night’s dream.) I’m a stage performer in some old-time entertainment show. My show partner and I are desperate for money, so we decide to go to one of the law offices in the building where we’re performing and try to get some money. We do this by pretending to be the daughters of one of their newly-deceased clients. We walk in looking very sad and say we’re here to look after our mother’s estate (just hoping that they happen to have an estate like that at the moment). A lady walks up to us with a file in her hand and says, “Are you the Sherwin family?” (It was something like Sherwin, anyway.) We say, “Yes”, trying not to cry in our grief. The lady asks us a few more questions but we pretend to be too grief-stricken to be able to answer the questions we don’t know the answers to. I don’t know if we expected them to bring out the safety deposit box of jewels and we’d just grab and go, but all we were doing was planning this lady’s funeral. After being in there for quite a while we hear a woman’s voice out at the front desk, “We’re the Sherwin family here for our mother’s estate.” We immediately know we are found out and run out of the office we were in, almost knock over an old lady coming in the main office door, and then run our way through a maze of hallways and stairwells in the building. (I woke up before I knew we were safe.)

There you have it my subconscious entertains again.

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5 Responses to Runaway Dreams

  1. Linea says:

    I’ve had a dream similar to the one in #2. I don’t have dreams anywhere as often as you do but that one was significant for me.

  2. Toni says:

    It sounds like you want to run away a lot.

    Understandable, but I wonder what else is going on in there?

  3. Sara says:

    even without your dream entries your blog seems to scream ‘i want to runaway’. alot

  4. It probably does, Sara. Or at least it did. I don’t feel like that quite so much anymore lately.

  5. Toni says:

    But this does tie in well with Marc’s last (journey) blogpost.

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