Because Jyl will be so very proud.

We’ve worked pretty hard this weekend trying to check things off our list of things that need to be done on the house before we list it and, more specifically, before the appraisers come on Friday. Thanks so much to our friends who came and helped us on Saturday and the family that took our kids for the day. We got a lot accomplished — including baseboards on the whole main floor, which I’ve been waiting for since we got the upstairs repainted 14 months ago!

I really wanted to get listing pictures of all of the upstairs rooms (except the living room) today, but it was a lot harder to do work with the kids around and our general exhaustion than I anticipated. And there is just SO MUCH STUFF in this house. I’m starting to move rubbermaid containers of garage sale items to the garage just because I can’t deal with them filling up the whole house. And in the end I only got listing pictures of the dining room and kitchen. But I’m glad to have gotten them — those rooms only stay clean for hours at a  time before it’s time to wipe them down again! And my friend Jyl will be so proud of me. (Now to go move the piles of stuff I hid behind the kitchen island to take those pictures… Oh, and Bonnie, you can come and get the high chair anytime!)

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14 Responses to Because Jyl will be so very proud.

  1. Jyl says:

    Holy Guacamole! It looks fantastic!

    I must say that I’m a little torn…while I am in awe of the work that you’ve done, I’m a little sad that I didn’t get to have a bigger hand in helping. Of course, it really would have just been the toilets that I would have been cleaning because that’s where my head has been most days.

    Kudos to you guys…it looks awesome!

  2. Bonnie says:

    Yes, it looks great Dixie. I’ll maybe stop by tomorrow for the highchair if that’s okay with cash of course.

  3. That’s fine Bonnie. I should be here all day.

    And, Jyl, we’ve only done two rooms. There’s LOTS more to do, trust me. But you keep your head in the toilet for now.


  4. Andrea says:

    Hey Dixie, man are we in the same boat. We listed our house two weeks ago and I spent all of the last two weeks cleaning, and trying to look after 3 kids at the same time is tough. But the house really looks good now. Dex did a bunch of stuff that needed to get done and with the cleaning it looks really good. Just in time to leave. Haha. Oh well, wishing you all the best in juggling everything. It is really difficult to find the balance. Take care!

  5. Toni says:

    VERY nice Dixie – when can we come and stay with you?


  6. Jobina says:

    Your house looks amazing!!! I love your kitchen, the nook, the diningroom…everything! Man, if I lived there I’d be buying!

  7. Don’t even joke, Toni! The guest room in this house is about the size of all three bedrooms combined in the trailer. But, if you do ever come to Winnipeg, we’ll have a nice pull-out couch in the living room, or maybe you’d prefer the kids’ bunkbeds?!

  8. MayB says:

    It looks fantastic!!!!

  9. Carissa says:

    Great job, Guys!! Little bits at a time is how it’ll get done! 🙂 Great pictures (I love the green color – it’s what we’ve got in our dining room area too!) 🙂 Hang in there!!

  10. rebekah says:

    What a beautiful house and I love the colors!
    Will you miss it?

  11. Ang says:

    It looks great so far, Dix! Keep up the great work!

  12. Linea says:

    These pictures are great. They would make me want to see the house.

  13. Ruth says:

    i LOVE your house. i’d buy it in a heartbeat!

  14. […] on cleaning and decluttering the house so that we can take pictures to list the house.  Pictures here and here.  You’ll note, however, that we have a lot of clutter and Dixie has cleverly […]

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