Random snippets from this morning’s dreams.

And yes, I did write them on a scrap paper when Luke got up to pee at 6:30am .

Apparently I was so moved by a particular episode of Newhart that I kissed George Utley gently on the lips. (Not sure how he ended up in my parents’ family room but there he was.) And then I twittered it.

The new Colin Firth movie isn’t any good. Firstly, because I thought Up was animated, and secondly, because they only talk about Colin’s character, he’s never even in the movie.

I was watching a YouTube vignette of all of the people who have played Robin Hood on Broadway. The two I saw were Tony Danza and the guy who played the cowardly lion. And I only knew it was the cowardly lion guy because he still had the lion make-up and mane on with the green pointy hat and tights.

Those were the three that show I must be completely entertainment deprived. But the last two are the most bizarre.

I was frying in a frying pan the playing cards for the game my family was going to play. We were going to start playing, as soon as each card was nicely browned. (Not as easy as it sounds, since I chose our mini frying pan and the cards were slightly oversized.)

And my most favourite dream moment, from that rapid succession of morning dreams:

The news clip that said “Because of the increasing use of cellphones, people who rob others on horseback are no longer on the loose for days.” Then they showed an aerial view of a team of horses fleeing a crime scene, with bystanders calling the news helicopter (because obviously and otherwise the 20 horses galloping out of town would’ve gone largely unnoticed).

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  1. Ang says:

    Um…what did you put in those cookies? Those dreams are hilariously strange.

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