Weekend Update

That right there is why I’m amazed that we’ve shown our house to four different groups of people in the last 27 hours. (She actually did that during tonight’s showing. At least it kept her quiet!) What a weekend! This weekend was going to be our last big push at getting the last few home improvements finished. We got some of them done. We got some cleaning and organizing done. Both Marc and I played in church this morning (unfortunately we had no milk and realized at 10pm last night that we were out of bread, so we couldn’t even make jam sandwiches for the kids to eat during practice. So we all ended up at the A&W drive-thru at 8:40am this morning!).

But on Friday evening we got the house listed on SaskHouses and within hours we were getting calls. We showed the house to the first set of people with 20 minutes notice. We showed the house to the second set of people with 1.5 hours notice, but had friends over looking at our couch (they bought the couch) when we got the call so we had to make and eat supper and retidy in about 25 minutes. Then this afternoon as I was cleaning the garage I saw somebody drive slowly by our house (seen a lot of that, actually), then they went around the cul de sac and stopped and asked to take a look. And the last set of people just left an hour ago. We had four hours notice with them. I think I almost prefer 20 minutes notice to 4 hours, because I just keep seeing my cleaning getting undone throughout those hours…

Anyway. We’re so glad people have come to look. In true Marc and Dixie fashion we are undoubtedly too apologetic and too open with the flaws of the house. But we want to be honest with people. And the bottom line is that we want to sell the house and help someone get into a good house at a reasonable price, given the crazy inflation of housing prices here in the past two years.

Throughout all of this, I can totally tell what a changed person I am. If we were selling the house a year ago, I would be all nerves and would be frantic trying to tidy, would be constantly mad at the kids for making messes and would basically freak out before every showing because the “house isn’t perfect”. But not this year. This year I’m content with showing the house in whatever state it is in. (Yes, I did do the fastest tidy in the history of mankind when I had 20 minutes for that first couple. But I’d done a triple batch of banana bread that morning, the pots needed to be washed, Marc was in the middle of baseboards, and I was in a stained shirt and pigtails… but, the point is, I wasn’t freaking out.)

And the other thing that is different is the money aspect. We don’t need to make $20,000 over the appraised value. Heck, we don’t even need to make $20,000 under the appraised value. I’m not worried about every penny. And it’s true with all of the stuff we need to sell, too. I’d like to give people a deal. Remember a few months ago when I was panicked about the kids’ baby clothes? Well, I’ve adopted Lauralea’s philosophy and am just happy to have had those things and now want to bless the next person with them. And something about all of this has changed me. Because it’s not just what I get that no longer concerns me, it’s what I spend as well. I used to panic about almost every purchase and feel guilty for even buying groceries. But it would seem that somewhere along the line money has lost it’s grip on me. And, yes, money can have a grip on you even if you’re cheap. And it feels good. One less worry. One more assurance that I have all that I need for right now and that’s all I need be concerned with.

So. Yes. It’s been kind of an exhausting weekend. We’ve done a pile of work. (Marc’s still putting up trim in the guest room. And I’m off to mud some nail holes and put up some outlet covers.) But we feel good about it all. I mean, the For Sale sign isn’t even up and we’ve had people say they’re wanting to make an offer! So we’ll be just fine. We’ll make it through. And everything’s okay. We’re sleeping very well at night, and only partially from utter exhaustion.


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7 Responses to Weekend Update

  1. Collette says:

    lovely lovely!

    I had a great weekend too, reaffirming that getting stuff done around the house makes me feel a million times better than avoiding it all in favour of socializing. I did a bit of both, but focused on the yard work which was more urgent, and it was perfect! last year I put off spring yard work for so long it nagged and nagged at me and made me feel just terrible. this year I’ve gotten a bunch finished, and what I haven’t done yet is in the “work in progress” column in my head and I’m not at all stressed about it. it will happen.

    look at how far we’ve both come this past year, hey?

  2. Toni says:

    Funny how stuff sells at ‘just the right time’. Like that bike I sold a couple of weeks back.

    I really hope this is a smooth and relatively painless sale for you.

  3. Rebekah says:

    I appreciate your honesty about money. We learned a lot this last year about money and the spirit of mammon which is money. It does and can have a grip on the lives of people. Being in a state of not having my own home, being able to have all that I’d love to have is a good place. It helps me appreciate what I do have and to appreciate all the blessings in my life no matter how big or small they are.

  4. Linea says:

    I can see the changes in you too. I like the way you are becoming. You are beginning to display a sort of inner confidence.

  5. Laura says:

    I can see the changes in you too. You are mastering self delusion, learning to live with dissatisfaction and developing effective methods of muffling the cries of your inner self, the demands of your individuality. You are finding a path which may not be the path of your individuality but affords and eases the paths of others. Maybe it is God’s path?

  6. Rebekah says:

    Are you moving to BC or MB?

  7. Dixie says:

    Otterburne, MB.

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