For all of you who sat with me at the AGM banquet,

I’m about to chicken out again.

You see, my goal of our trip to Surrey in April was to find a dress for my cousin’s wedding at the end of this month. I mean, you’d think I’d like one dress in all of metropolitan Vancouver. Apparently not. I did find one dress. It played up the feature I always like to play up — my narrow waist. I liked the dress. But it was just so obviously a dress. I should’ve taken a picture of myself in it, but I didn’t. It was brown. Cotton with threading or stitching or something (Lauralea could explain it better). Tanktop style, fitted under the bust, and poofed out just a tiny bit below that to hide all of my unsavoury parts. I even spent a good hour with Lauralea looking for shoes and a cardigan to go with it. I found them. Returned them too, before we flew home.

I really was going to wear the dress to the conference banquet in Surrey, but it sounded to me like people weren’t really dressing up. And even if some people were, I’d rather remain unnoticeable in my attire. And, for me, wearing a dress is like putting a big neon sign on me. So, I didn’t wear the dress. And I had the hardest time figuring out what to wear. In the end I wore black (dressy) capris and this shirt — which was a bold move in itself because it has a pattern. (I almost didn’t wear it. I think Marc pretty much made me wear that outfit; he was so sick of the indecision.)

And I’m pretty sure Marc will force me to wear the dress I bought today, if I don’t return it soon enough. I had a gift certificate for the store and it looked the best on me of all the ones that I tried on. (And Marc says it looks great and that I am not to brood about how it looks all afternoon because it looks great.) But I don’t know. It’s so black. It’s so typical. And it’s a dress.

When I was getting groceries today I looked around at the Joe clothes at Superstore and found a plain brown/grey skirt and a v-neck three-quarter length t-shirt a similar colour that I really liked. I’d be comfortable wearing that (though skirts don’t usually look good on me), but it is a wedding not a Saturday morning visit to a farmer’s market.

I don’t know what to do. Marc said if I’m going to cover it up with a cardigan, I should return it. And that I am not to hide my cleavage or get my mom to safety pin the front of my dress together to hide my cleavage either. So, I’m at a loss. But I do have a few more weeks to decide, I guess. And I may be going to Saskatoon next week, so perhaps I could look there. Whatever.

But, really. It is too black, don’t you think? And yet, if it were a colour, I’d think it was too bold. Whatever.

(And, once again, I paradoxically parade my self-consciousness around for all to see… And it’s not the first wedding for which I’ve bought and returned a dress.)

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  1. Marc says:

    Good lord, NOT AGAIN!

    You WILL wear that dress to the wedding, AS IS! PLEEEEEASE!

    It’s gorgeous. I daresay it’s the best-looking dress you’ve brought home that I can remember. Please wear it. For me.

    You’ve already written up this whole post, in spite of my prior compliments. But PLEASE, for me, wear it.

  2. Maryanne says:

    That dress is gorgeous, Dixie. It is the perfect little black dress. Wear it to the wedding, as-is. (And if you wear it with some colourful accessories, including maybe not wearing black shoes, it won’t at all feel “too black”.)

  3. Ya, Maryanne, I was thinking of getting some sandals or something to dress it down…

    And, thanks, Marc. Won’t I be the bad wife if I take it back now?!


  4. lyn says:




    Rememeber, that cleavage looks “more” to the person who’s wearing the dress (looking down) as opposed to someone who’s looking at the person wearing the dress.

    The length is just right. The proportions are just right. It hugs the tiny waist and gently floats over the hips/legs – no clinginess in wrong places.

    WEAR IT!!!!

  5. lyn says:

    oh, and keep it forever, because as mentioned above, it is the PERFECT little black dress for you.

    And if you’re still a bit self-conscious in it, a good way to “cover up” a bit without using a cardigan or feeling frumpy, a pashmina is a great option – that’s what I did for my sister-in-law’s wedding with a very similar dress. for ideas/pictures.

    I picked my pashmina up for $6 at Lawson Heights Mall in a little booth by the Key Man Engraveables store.

  6. kathryn says:

    love it- it sis a great dress!

  7. jobina says:

    You look wonderful in dresses Dixie! Keep the dress!

  8. Melanie says:

    Va va voom! This dress looks fantastic. Keep it! It’s not too cleavagey and as has been mentioned, it’s a great LBD.

  9. ejan says:

    the dress fits just right dixie. if you wanna kick it up a knotch a gold flat strappy/gladiator sandals might do the trick. not too strappy though. and if you don’t wanna look too dressy, then just wear a black pair of flip flops or any flats. then wear a colourful wrap, it is summer after all… however, the dress will look the best with confidence. just listen to marc, the guy knows what he’s talkin about. :). you’re beautiful!

  10. Pegs says:


    I love the dress and I have a few different shawls/scarfs/wraps (whatever you want to call them) you could drape over your shoulders (including a handmade one from Czech/Austria/Italy I can’t remember which country Trev got it last summer in Europe) Call me since we haven’t seen each other in ages. WE can do desert one night and you can borrow something if you like.

  11. Bonnie says:

    Yup, the dress looks great…go for a different color of, purple, the have cute turqoise ones at Reitmans.

    Also you need a necklace or scarf, something…hmmm

  12. Anne mobach says:

    you don’t know me at all… but i found your blog from a friend of a friend etc etc… but that dress is FABOULOUS on you!! KEEP IT KEEP IT KEEP IT!!! Get a pair of red shoes ( love the color red) and a cool necklace or scarf and your all set.. but be careful… looking like that you might end of preggers again!!

  13. Jyl says:

    Do NOT return that dress! Wear it as is…no cardigan. I vote for a different coloured shoe/sandal…just a little something to pep it up with. And I just may have a wrap from Egypt that would go beautifully with it. In fact, I’m going to phone you right now so I can stop typing LOL

  14. Well, thanks everybody. I think you all are underestimating how much I liked that v-neck shirt and skirt at Superstore today, but you’re probably right. I probably should wear the dress. And I was thinking of some funky shoes, although the heels I’m wearing in the picture were my granny’s, which is kind of cool.

    Peg, yes, let’s have dessert and I’ll look at your scarves.

    Jeano, you like the gladiator sandals, don’t you?! 🙂

    My next question for you all is: sunless tanner, for my sad white legs. Are there any that won’t make me streaky and orange? Marc really hates that…

  15. Joanne says:

    For sure wear the dress. It is perfect on you, and goes well with your blond hair. If you really want to dress down go with sandals and a straw type summer bag.

    Relax and have lots of fun!

  16. mam V. says:

    Wear it, looks very good on you, add some nice earrings and something nice around your neck. You will look very nice.
    love mam V.

  17. Melody says:

    Sounds like you are just not used to wearing dresses. It looks great, Dixie. Do whatever you want for accessories, but I agree a basic black dress will serve you well for years. 🙂

  18. Linea says:

    Yep. Looks great. Ditto to what everyone says about it being just right for you. You will have a very useful wardrobe piece if you keep it. And red shoes would draw people’s eyes away from any cleavage issues. Wear it with a large red stone on a black string and set it off.

  19. Cheyne says:

    It looks elegant and beautiful. Perhaps lighten it up a bit with some white/ pale pink/ fawn shoes, scarf or hat.

  20. SharonK says:

    Awwwwwww….perfectly gorgeous! You look totally beautiful. Black is good for we who are blond. Clevage is fine. It’s a wedding after all and you’re there to celebrate with Marc.

    You could go with turquoise(or yellow) and black strappy sandals and something matching around your neck or bold turquoise(or yellow) earings. I’d not go for anything around your shoulders though. Summer is the time to show off your lovely skin.

    ~Fashion Hints by the Dutchess of Kent LOL

  21. Maryanne says:

    I wasn’t so much thinking of other-coloured shoes for “dressing down” the dress as much as making it less somber for the wedding, because those are some somber shoes you’re wearing. Red shoes! Red shoes! (Or metallic. Either way: it’ll be awesome.)

  22. Randall says:

    Wear the dress, with pride.

    One day that skin beneath your upper arm will flap a bit and you’ll be all, “I should have worn dresses when I looked hot in them…”

    Yeah, keep it and wear it often. Every girl/woman should have a little black dress. I read that in a magazine once, and now you’re set.

    Now get a picture without the big black thing in front of your face, Marc, are you there to help with this?

    Oh, and your granny’s shoes?????

    Something with a little heel at least. Just enough to be a falling risk.

    and enjoy what God has given you.
    Marc, you can take care of that too.

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