Vacation 2009

The pictures are here! I had the brainwave this year of uploading the vacation to Flickr. Much easier to just throw them there and order them and add descriptions, as opposed to resizing each and every one to fit the width of my blog. Plus the slideshow shows them at a nice big size.

Our vacation was from July 7th to the 29th. 23 days. Day 1 consisted of me going to the ear, nose, and throat doctor at 9:30, packing up the van, picking up Micah at the Loseth’s house, Marc making a pitstop at the office to fix some computer problem, and driving six hours to return Micah to his home: the Friesens’ Field. We spent the night there, and stayed up way too late visiting with Randall and Lauralea. But it was good. As we left the next day Lauralea said they should take a picture of us leaving on our holiday so that when we stayed with them again at the end of our journey there would be documentation of just how exhausted we’d be after 23 days and 7,000km of vacation with three little kids.

Yes. It did seem crazy. The itinerary I’d planned had a lot on it, but I figured we could do it and that it would be fun. And we did. And it was.

So go through the pictures in this slideshow. If you click on the first picture, the title and descriptions will stay up for the rest of the pictures and the pictures will be big. That will explain the pictures that need explaining.

Here is the rough outline of the trip:
Day 1: The Field
Day 2: Drumheller, supper with friends in Calgary, stay with my aunt & uncle in Calgary
Day 3: Calgary Zoo with my uncle and his family (I stay home sick in bed)
Day 4: Drive through the mountains to Kamloops, on the way stop at Moraine Lake & the Enchanted Forest
Day 5: Swim at the hotel in Kamloops, drive to Vancouver (get stuck in major traffic jam), evening with my brother in Vancouver
Day 6: Vancouver Aquarium, Steveston
Day 7: Ferry to Vancouver Island, Coombs, Tofino day 1
Day 8: Tofino day 2
Day 9: Tofino day 3, Long Beach, Cathedral Grove, drive to Victoria
Day 10: Victoria: Royal BC Museum, walk through downtown, bbq with family
Day 11: Ferry to mainland, Abbotsford, drive to Summerland
Days 12 through 20: Relaxing in Summerland (we would’ve been exhausted from the trip had it not been for these 9 wonderful, relaxing days in Summerland)
Day 20: Leave at suppertime, originally going to drive to Golden, but get wooed by the lights of the hotel at Three Valley Gap
Day 21: Go through the Ghost Town at Three Valley Gap in the morning, then the long drive from Three Valley Gap (near Revelstoke, BC) to The Field (Malmo, AB)
Day 22: Go to IKEA in Edmonton with the Friesens — one of the two times we went shopping with the kids on our vacation, these are always exhausting days.
Day 23: Pack up in the morning, lunch at the Reids in Wetaskiwin, and then the long drive back to Prince Albert.

We made it. And it was wonderful, even if some days were exhausting. Lots of great memories. As a family we’ve universally agreed that the best part of the holiday was Tofino: the beach, the tide, the cabins, the crab. We’d go back in a heart beat.

Here are a few pictures to entice you to check the rest out:

And click here for the rest.

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4 Responses to Vacation 2009

  1. Lisa says:

    hey those were awesome pics! So many made me laugh like the family one where Olivia is looking down her dress, and it looked like you had alot of fun on the beach in Tofino – very cool shots there. Very nice!

  2. Mr. C.C. says:

    Great pictures. I would like to go back to British Columbia. Maybe one day.

  3. Great collection. Flickr is so cool, I need to use it. Loved your posed shots, love those odd looking cabins.


  4. Drea says:

    awe.. they are getting so big!!

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