And now it’s Friday.

We made it through the week. I think. I’m sitting here eating peanut butter and jam on toast and drinking egg nog — having breakfast a full two hours after I was up serving the kids their breakfast. I’m supposed to be at story time in Niverville right now with the kids. We were going to go up until a minute before we had to be out the door. But my patience level is very low today, the kids are tired and out of sorts (which always comes through in disobedience and randomly flailing toys and their bodies around the house), and everything in the trailer feels out of sorts. Plus, we’ve got window installers putting in a new window in the master bedroom and one in the bathroom this morning. I probably should’ve gone to Niverville just to escape the cold temperatures that come with having a 6’x4′ gaping hole in the back of the house, and it’s cold out there this morning.

It’s just felt like chaos this week and I need a weekend to get things back together. And starting the weekend right now, instead of after bundling the kids up, driving 10 minutes down the gravel, doing a Christmas craft, listening to story and then bundling and driving back again, is just fine with me. So while the kids play LightBright at the table, I’m eating my breakfast here and taking a minute to catch my breath.

Yesterday was crazy. Madeline and I were out the door at 8:30am. I dropped her off at school and went to my 9am doctor’s appointment in town to try and figure out all of this sickness I’ve been having. She ended up prescribing an antibiotic to me: septra. When I went to get the prescription filled, the pharmacist said to take it with food, drink lots of water to flush it out of my system (doesn’t it kind of need to be in your system to work?!), and stay out of the sunlight or use sunscreen. (Which immediately made me think of “Do not look at Happy Fun Ball“.) It was this time last year that I had an allergic reaction to penicillin, so you gotta know that as I was preparing my breakfast this morning and my hips and bum began to itch like crazy for no reason (I hadn’t taken the pill yet), and still are, I wasn’t too thrilled about taken a brand new medication. (I asked Marc to look at my bum before we went to school, which he instinctively responded to with “No!”, but then I made him and he said it’s red there, but I’ve been scratching so of course my bum will be red.) I took the pill a few minutes ago. It’s a big white uncoated pill. It’s really hard for me to swallow uncoated pills. I tried and tried and tried. Eventually the pill powder had eroded enough that I could swallow it. I hope I don’t have a reaction to this stuff. In the middle of writing that last paragraph I snuck into my bedroom to change my jeans (because maybe they just need to be washed and that’s why my legs are itchy) and am currently going commando in sub-temperature denim because these jeans have been sitting in the room with the 6’x4′ open hole straight to winter.

Back to yesterday. My visit to the pharmacist took me to about 9:30am. Then I picked up a few groceries at the grocery store, including a $5.99 chicken nuggets and fries from the deli, half of which I ate on the car ride home. It was glorious. Then I threw the groceries in the fridge and went to the last half of the mom’s group in the main campus building. We got home at 12pm. I fed the kids lunch while getting all of my supplies ready for where I was going after I dropped Luke at preschool. Luke and I were out the door late for preschool and were only made later because he did not have his backpack when he came to the van. We were finally back on the gravel to Niverville at 12:55pm. I came back to Otterburne, after picking up another prescription at the pharmacy that had arrived late morning, and went to my friend Susie’s house. I wanted to watch “Little Women” with some of the mom’s from town and thought it might be nice to watch it at my friend Susie’s house because her husband is often away working and it’s hard for her to get out of her house. I offered the food. She offered her house. And since I don’t want to bake in the middle of “mouse season” here in the trailer (no new mice since we caught the first two, thankfully!) until we’ve fully finished sanitizing the place, Susie said I could use her kitchen. So from 1:30 to 3pm Susie and I and another mom made my old standards: mom’s french apple pie and cheddar pear pie (which I kept calling chair peddar pie that evening), a meat tray, a cheese tray, and a candy tray. It was fun to bake with other people! But by the time I had to be home so Marc could go pick up Luke, I was beat. I laid down on the couch for 15 minutes. And then the kids were home from school and the noise and chaos began again. I fed them supper while Marc was at floor hockey and then took them over to Susie’s to play with her kids. Marc picked them up and Susie and I got ready for the party. All the moms came at 8pm and we visited, ate, and watched “Little Women”. It was pretty fun. I think we may start doing a movie night once a month at Susie’s. We all walked home in the moonlight at 11pm and it was actually warmer than earlier in the evening. I crawled straight into bed after I got home.

And now, if any of you of you are still reading this detailed play-by-play, my legs are still itchy, even in the new jeans, Luke had to pee just as the men started drilling from the outside to remove the bathroom window from the outside (we just made it out before anyone was flashed), and then of course Olivia said she had to pee, so I brought her potty into her room and then, of course, she didn’t have to pee anymore. But just a minute ago she came out of her room with her pants down saying she had pooped — thank the Lord in her potty! And now Luke has to poop. But I’m hoping he can wait one minute until the guys are out of the bathroom. (Oh! They’re done in there for now. He can go!) And I just hope my legs aren’t reacting to triple glazed windows. Otherwise it could be a long three years in the trailer. Although after this week, it feels like it could be a very long three years in the trailer.

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  1. Toni says:

    Peace to you and yours, and especially cool, comfy and smooth skin.

  2. Bonnie says:

    I read it all! I always do 😉

  3. If only, Toni! My skin felt like it was crawling when we got into bed last night. I laid there for a couple hours unable to sleep. I got up to the bathroom and my whole body was covered in red goose-bumpy type things. At that point I was just glad it wasn’t little bugs or something crawling all over me. I think I was asleep by 2am… ugh…

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