After the After-Glow

Things have been all over the place this week. I started the week sick. Marc started the week stressed. We got the house back in order and felt better. Then I found out that this other class I want to take will require me writing quality drafts of the three papers for my current class in the next two weeks, which obviously got me a little stressed. Then Marc got his paper back from last week and got a beyond-fabulous mark.  We had a great night that night. (I told you all taking out the garbage would help!) Which brings us to yesterday. We were all happy and singing in the morning. A full night’s sleep will do that. Marc had a quiet afternoon studying at home while I was at Luke’s preschool. But by after supper we were pretty exhausted. An evening of studying and watching our Thursday night shows was in order. And in those hours I got 4 pages done on a paper, taking me up to page 12 of the 15 to 20 required pages. And then the keyboard went funny and Marc told me to close Word and open it again. And when I opened it, my work was gone. Nowhere to be found. Marc spent an hour and a half looking for it. Needless to say, by the time we got to bed after 1am I was ready to have a good cry (read: I totally lost it!) about the lost pages and all of my insecurities about going into this completely new field. Today Marc will ask the computer guys at the school about where this document could possibly be. (I am obsessive about hitting ctrl-S after almost every sentence I write, so I don’t understand how it could not be saved somewhere.) And I will just not think about weaving my thoughts and the texts together into such a masterpiece that was those four pages until I know I have to do it again. There are other things to do. And trying to get back all of the energy lost in such a short night’s sleep seems to be the priority right now. Funny how feelings can be washed away so quickly. At least I know the good feelings can overpower the bad just as quickly as the bad can overpower the good.

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  1. Toni says:

    “(I told you all taking out the garbage would help!)”

    You were serious – good heavens!

    Sorry to hear about the document. Did you not save it as something (hitting ctrl S only works if there’s a file already saved)? When I’ve lost docs a search using *.doc (finds all .doc files) by date will usually turn something up.

    As for recreating it, I’ve been there too with blogposts. Once something is ‘out’ it’s very hard to summon all the thoughts back together again, and it never feels so good second time round, at least to me. But hopefully it’ll turn up soon.

  2. rebs says:

    UGH! Hope you find it. I know how frustrating computer stuff can be.

  3. Linea says:

    Oh, Dixie. This makes me feel like crying for you. It is one of the most awful things to lose a document. The thoughts just don’t come back in the same way. Hope you find it somewhere.

  4. Dixie says:

    Well, the document is officially lost. My only consolation is that I may be able to get the ideas out a bit more clearly second time around and have it fit well with the style of the rest of the paper.

    My goal is to have full drafts of two of my three papers done today. I’d originally said “done this weekend” until I remembered that we’re staying with friends Sunday to Monday.

    I know I can do it!

  5. Lindsay says:

    At risk of seeming like a creepy cyberstalking… Hi. It’s my first time here (I found you through Nicole’s blog). And I had to comment because this TOTALLY HAPPENED TO ME right before Christmas, just as I was about to submit a 30 page document to a client. Freaking out does not do justice to my reaction. However, my computer nerd brother was able to recover the content of the document somehow. It was all scrambled and there were random symbols in place of every apostrophe, comma, hyphen… You get the picture. But it was there. And I could fix it up and salvage every last sentence of it. So maybe all is not lost?? (Assuming you know a computer nerd or two.)

  6. ian says:

    Is there a ~*****.doc or a ~****.tmp file in the usual folder where you save(ed) this document.

    Word usual saves a temporay file in the same folder where the main document is being kept (if not then it may be in the TEMP folder). have Marc take a look at these files and see if your document is one of them.

    may help to recover some of the file.

  7. Thanks everyone for you help. (And “hi” Lindsay. Welcome!)

    Marc did everything possible to recover that blasted document and took it over to the computer guys, but it is just gone. I’d forwarded it by email to the laptop and I think that is where the problem was.

    Oh well.

    I have since retyped the whole and now have the full 15 pages done, with a few more little things to say and some introductory and concluding remarks to throw in there.

    In the end, that night of writing those pages that were lost helped me get focus in what I needed to say. And it was likely easier just to rewrite them than to tweak the four pages themselves had they not been lost.

    All is good in my academic world again. 🙂

  8. Toni says:


    And well done for coping with a re-write.

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