Little Shadows

We’ve been noticing the personalities of our kids lately. Not that we haven’t before, but maybe it’s the close quarters that bring it all out. In the past we’ve seen Madeline as being like me because she’s really particular about things. And, Luke, well he just looks so much like Marc that we automatically think “Marc”.

However, things seem to be quite the opposite lately. And it all came out with the kids’ chore charts. Luke is always pumped about cleaning his room and having it all in order. Madeline, on the other hand, stopped making her bed the day her “making the bed” squares were filled up. We’ve made her do it since then but she just doesn’t have the drive on her own. She does have the drive, however, to correct everyone’s grammar and any other mistakes someone makes.

Take tonight, for instance. We were having some of the “Olympic” cookies that my mom sent to us (with 5 M&Ms the colour of the Olympic rings on each). I had just finished telling the kids that these were “Olympic Ring Cookies”, when in stereo from either side of me, was Marc: “Is there a brown Olympic ring?” and Madeline “There isn’t a brown Olympic ring! It’s black!” Seriously. At the same time. So I bluntly told them that I was sick of their semantic perfectionism… all the time. Honestly. It’s exhausting. Every time you spit a word out incorrectly, they’re on it.

Of course, less than a minute later, Luke was adamantly telling Madeline that they had to clean up his bedroom (Madeline made a monstrous mess in there this morning in less than five minutes) because it needed to be clean. That’s my boy!

So we each have our little shadows. And little Olivia… well, she’s just somewhere in the middle and hopefully too young to pick up on the neurotic behaviours of her parents, yet.

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4 Responses to Little Shadows

  1. Toni says:

    It IS interesting, seeing how our personalities come out in our kids. Ben looks a little like me, but a lot of his core personality and emotions are Chris. Sarah was much more like Chris (and the women of both our families a generation back) in looks and abilities, but her core personality was much more like mine.

    But it is interesting how your childrens looks have developed too. Madeline is such an obvious blend, while Luke and Olivia are very clearly either Marc or you.

  2. RLE says:

    OK – I am laughing about the fact that your kids know what semantic perfectionism is. Its interesting seeing ourselves reflected in our kids, sometimes makes me proud, other times I want to cringe and still others I understand them (and myself) better.

  3. Jean says:

    Ho, Ho, Dixie, just wait until they are preteens and better yet, teenagers! There is nothing they don’t know then! So, enjoy while you can. I just wish I could do things differently, however, I have boys out of three who know the Lord – one to go. lol

  4. Madeline says:

    Am I still like that?

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