Spring! I can’t believe we survived Winter!

Although Madeline is adamant about and correct in saying that “Spring does not start until Saturday!”, there is no snow on the field across the street, so I am saying it is springtime. Or at least that winter is now over. Can I just say that I cannot believe we survived the winter? I normally don’t mind winter. All of the seasons have their good parts, and I’m not usually partial to any of them. But I become a cautious driver in the winter, and living out here in the county made me a little bit afraid of what the winter would hold.

But somehow we survived the week of -50 degrees which was also the week we got the big window installed in our bedroom, and also the week of the mice. Did I mention the mice? We had mice. Really. Maybe I forgot to mention it. For some reason they thought our kitchen was a good place to set up shop, which is ironic since we actually had to put down a big area rug under the kitchen floor because the floor was so freezing in there. The good news? Our water jug that sits on the kitchen floor is always cold. Then there’s our cold entrance. Now that spring is here, it’s strange not to be able to put food out there when we run out of room in the fridge. At least we didn’t have to put plastic on the windows, because all of the windows in the house (now that we’ve replaced the master bedroom and bathroom windows) are brand new. (Before we replaced the master window when the wind was strong outside the curtains on the window would blow — when the window was closed.) We did, however, consider putting plastic on the walls in the trailer. They were colder than the windows all winter.

There was also the big blizzard that had us snowed in for one day. I imagine if that storm hit anywhere in America people would be snowed in for a week. But not here. We just need one day off to get hundreds of kilometres of rural roads cleared and driveable again. It’s quite remarkable actually — even if no one should ever have to go out in that kind of weather. And I survived my twice-weekly drives up the gravel road to take Luke to preschool. Marc had class during Luke’s preschool time, so I had no choice but to drive during that time. But I did it. Even walking the kids the two blocks from where we have to park to where the preschool entrance is. Even though there is a gate right next to their entrance door, apparently it cannot be opened because the kids might escape, despite the fact that there are several open parts of the fence around the school yard.

The point is, we survived! And it feels so great to be able to get fresh air again, to have the kids jumping in puddles and riding their bicycles. I feel like there should be a medal of honour awarded to people after they have lived their first winter in a mobile home. Or perhaps the award could be a weekend away from the trailer. I’d take that. Or even a meal. Because, let me tell you, having an area rug underneath a table where three little kids eat three meals a day, makes way more work than it is worth — even if our feet froze every time we sat at the table without it.

Anyway… Spring is here!

The ditches still have snow and huge lakes of water. But the field across the road there? That is clear. Even though we can’t get at it because of the lakes in the ditch.

Just half of the road by our house is like this. Apparently last year the entire road was covered for days.

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2 Responses to Spring! I can’t believe we survived Winter!

  1. Toni says:

    Welcome back to the land of the living.


  2. Linea says:

    And watch out for that Red River rising!

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