Dandelion Field

When we moved into the big house in PA every May we’d go for a picnic in the big field of dandelions by Prime Minister’s Park. It was a fun little tradition. So you’ll understand my disappointment when I saw the big mowers out in the field last week mowing up the dandelions I’d hoped to take pictures in. Luckily (depending on how you look at it, of course), just two days after the field was mowed, the field was literally covered in dandelions — even more than before! So last night, before we drove down the road for the Fridays in summer tradition down here of $0.68 hotdogs and drinks, we took the kids out into the field and got some pictures.

The first picture shows what it was really like. Luke and Madeline were not happy to be there; you’ll noticed Luke with his arms crossed, stomping his foot, while Madeline is simply scowling. Luke really wanted to show Madeline the garden that we’d planted, but we said he had to wait until after we took some pictures. I forget why Madeline was cranky, but it’s not all that unusual for Madeline to be cranky. Olivia, on the other hand, was extremely content and began picking as many dandelions as her little hands could hold.

However, shortly after we told them to sit together, the crankiness transformed into this beauty:

And this:

Reminding us just how much these kids are growing.
Let’s compare from the dandelion picnic in May 2008 when Madeline was 5, Luke 3, and Olivia had just turned 1:

Luke was particularly hard to photograph because he kept doing that “Mommy had a baby and its head popped off” thing with the dandelions. But it’s always been hard to get him to look at the camera.

This comparison just makes me smile:

They’ve sure changed. I wonder how many more years of dandelion-picking we have.

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6 Responses to Dandelion Field

  1. jobina says:

    gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  2. excellent photography in every way, and that is why it is so great to compare year to year. You son has a look of mischief in his eyes.

  3. Nicole says:


    the 2nd and last picture of them – awesome.

  4. Toni says:

    Those are lovely pictures Dixie.

    What i find most fascinating is how Olivia can morph between looking just like you in pic 2 to looking just like Marc in pic 3.

  5. beck says:

    I keep looking and looking for a field like that around here. Ever since I saw the first ones you guys took… I’ve been looking. I finally found a good one, but it’s been so rainy. But the other day the weather finally cooperated, and all the dandelions were in full bloom, and I was just waiting till after school, and then when I drove by it on my way to pick up Glen… Tragedy. They sprayed the field with herbicides.

    Sigh. SO depressing, but good thing I drove by at the right time to see them doing it, or it’s possible I would have sent my kids out into the poison for a photo shoot.

  6. […] that last post showed the dandelion pictures from today, but if you go back to the dandelion post of 2008 you will see that to get a decent happy picture of the children is near impossible. Today […]

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