Here I am, over here.

Here I am, laying on the bed in the guest room at my cousin’s house in Calgary. It’s Sunday night. I know that because I vaguely remember going to church this morning. This is the third guest bed I’ve slept in since Thursday night. This is also the third wifi signal I’ve had to figure out on my own, and have successfully done so without sharing all of this laptop’s videos and pictures and documents even though it asks if I’d like to do that every time I try to get the wifi. I must be doing something wrong in there. But it’s working out. And the picture of Marc with his Mary Kay makeover is still safely stored…

It’s been a good couple of days. Today was just a long day because I was up early walking in the fields, looking at the cows and the morning sky. And then this afternoon I drove 130km (to keep up with traffic, of course) and made very good time getting here to Calgary. Then I got a little lost, something I tend to do even (and possibly, especially) with Googlemaps directions. But I made it in the end. Visited with the family. My cousin took me to the campus where my class is. Had an online discussion about Marc which included us both panicking about our finances, trying to figure out how to get them to Calgary at the end of the week since the west-half of southern Saskatchewan is currently flooded, and then spending about 5 minutes just writing “Goodnight” and “I love you” and “No, I mean it. Good night.” And now I’m laying in bed enjoying the glow of the laptop.

I had a great time visiting my friend Lisa in Wetaskiwin from Thursday night until Saturday afternoon. We had a day all to ourselves in Edmonton and it was really fun. And I liked seeing their family going about their daily life. Even though their kids are the same age as ours (with the addition of one more baby last year), they’ve sure got some things figured out that we don’t yet with our kids. They’re good people, Steve and Lisa.

Then it was off to the Friesens’ and the field for a night. I couldn’t escape children there either, as Randall’s brother and sister-in-law (the sister-in-law who is the sister of Marc’s best friend, so that means I’ve known her for 13 years!) with their two little boys ended up making an impromptu visit and staying the night. So it was a good visit there, too, and Randall’s sermons never disappoint, nor does Lauralea’s wisdom. After a whole year without seeing them, it was good to be there.

And tomorrow I head over for day one of Crisis and Trauma Counselling. I think it will be very good. I just need to give my little head a little bit of a rest first. They gave me a “complimentary down-size” at the car rental place, so I didn’t have cruise control and can’t seem to recline the driver’s seat or fix the head rest. It was pretty uncomfortable. However, I did listen to a beautiful catholic radio program from Hobbema and then a very interesting radio talk show about psychology, religion, and LSD in the 60s. Good times.

And now I must sleep.

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3 Responses to Here I am, over here.

  1. Carissa says:

    Soo great to hear from you!! 🙂 Glad you’re having a good time out there. Yes, three cheers for Lisa!! I miss her!!!! Enjoy your course today, Dixie!! 🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    It was awesome hanging with you for the day! Have a great course and hope your family has a safe drive to pick you up and then all have a great trip out west!

    Now about that Marc makeover…..?? 😉

  3. Linea says:

    Hope your class is full of interesting new stuff. Enjoy it!

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