Day 3

Day 3. And what did my day consist of? A discussion on how to man telephone crisis lines, a presentation on suicide, a depressing video of the world trade centre bombings, followed by a look at the definition of trauma, and, to end the day (that went an hour longer than normal), a presentation on domestic violence.

Just a little heavy.

But I started the day and ended the day with a happy heart, thanks to Meryl Streep.

On the way to school, I decided to stop at Cobs Bread bakery to pick up something for breakfast. I choose a chocolate croissant. (Just like in It’s Complicated!) So Meryl was on the brain there. Then I get home to discover that Marc had changed his Facebook profile picture to Meryl herself. He’s been going through a phase putting up moustached-television-characters as his profile picture. But it just made me laugh and laugh and smile and smile and laugh some more to see that he put up Meryl. Lord bless him. What a great guy!

Tomorrow is my group presentation on natural and human disasters. I think it’ll be okay. Most importantly, I’m finished all the work and it’s just 10pm and I don’t have a headache. Tomorrow will be my first role play too. And I am going to do my best to keep my top on.

Good night from Calgary!

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  1. rebs says:

    That is heavy stuff. I know I’d like to learn about it and yet I am sure you would need to find a balance of how to carry one’s burdens and what is healthy self-care for you the burden bearer.

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