Day 4

Presentation day! It went really well. I kept my top on (and, yes, Marc did send me a text message asking me if I did).  My partner and I both had connections to Haiti. People her family knows were in Haiti at the time of the earthquake and we showed clips of a video of their story from the disaster. Then I ended the presentation by reading the story of Iveta from a girl who grew up in my home church. There are no easy answers to the widespread devastation of natural disasters. But, like any counselling, we must offer hope to people one day at a time. That’s what I got out of my presentation, anyway.

It was a good day. And it really is a great class. The prof is so engaging and there many opportunities to laugh and also many chances to think about the deep hurts people and each of us individually have experienced. There’s been lots of sharing and openness and grace. It’s been good. But just a bit draining going through all of those emotional extremes.

Except today at lunch time a few of us took a walk and ended up at a playground. My kids would’ve been so made because I played more on that thing that I ever do when we’re at the park. But you should’ve seen this thing! I’ve been to a lot playgrounds in the past 7 years, but there were some new, pretty cool things. The two ladies I was with (both in their 40s/50s) had a really good time.

To celebrate the presentation being done, I’d decided to have supper out (had to anyway, since no one was home at my cousin’s place tonight) and maybe go to an imax show. Well, there was only Toy Story 3 playing at the Imax, and, as it turns out, a few of my classmates wanted to watch Seven Pounds after seeing just a tiny clip of it in the suicide group presentation. So off we went to Domino’s and then to my classmate’s place. And tomorrow we’re doing the same thing, except watching Precious. I figured it would be good to probe the brains of my fellow classmates who are all significantly further in the counselling program than I am. So that should be good.

Then when I got home tonight my cousins from Chicago had arrived and we visited for a good 2.5 hours. The visiting was interrupted a bit by me chatting with Marc telling him which sandals and jackets to pack for the kids. Marc has decided that we have too many shoes in the house. But it looks like he’s set to leave tomorrow after school. That man. What a hero. How many trips to the hospital did he make this week with all three kids? And trips to Steinbach and to Madeline’s school and to the doctor and soccer practice. Amazing. What a great guy. And we’ll all be back together in hopefully 40-ish hours. And that will be good too.

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2 Responses to Day 4

  1. Lisa says:

    praying for safe travel for your family and a happy reunion! Glad your enjoying your course, even with the heavy subject matter.

  2. rebs says:

    What did you think of 7 pounds?

    Sounds like you are learning a lot.

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