Day 5

The last day of the class was also the first day that I slept in since leaving home 8 days ago. I woke up at 8:20 after a restless night of sleep. Class started at 9am and I had to shower, get ready, and pack up all of my stuff from my cousin’s house. I grabbed some stuff to eat on my way out the door and made it with time to spare.

Class was good. Presentations on child abuse and the Rwandan genocide. Those weren’t so “good”, but they were sure powerful. It really feels like there is no end to the sadness and pain in this world. Everyone in the class really seemed to bond over the five days. And I honestly feel like I’ve made some real friends in these short days. Some of us watched “Precious” tonight and then hugged good-bye hoping that our academic paths will cross again.

And now I’m (finally) at my uncle’s house here, just waiting on a text from Marc that he and the kids made it to Regina. Then I’ll be able to sleep. Good night from the other side of Calgary.

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