If you want to float on water…

… you’ve got to buy an $18 dingy.

We’ve had two days at the beach so far this trip, with hopefully many more to come. I really do love it here.

I even got in the water today!

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2 Responses to If you want to float on water…

  1. beck says:

    Ah, I love me a good dingy ride. I hate blowing them up though. So I make Glen do it. The best is flipping them over and lying in them like a bed. Then I get the boys to tow me around by the rope. I tell them they’re the tug boats and I’m the garbage barge. And IT WORKS! Heh heh. Yes, I love me a good dingy ride.

  2. Collette says:

    my friend Kristy brought the same dingy to our camping trip the same weekend! hopefully I’ll get pictures up in a few days. funny!

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