4,000 km later…

We’re home. We got in last night at around 11:30pm (after 3 days of driving 2,000km through 4 provinces).  Marc’s old treeplanting buddy who lives in Ireland is in Winnipeg until Tuesday. So that meant that Marc set the alarm for 7am this morning to meet up with his friend for breakfast at 8am. (He and I weren’t asleep until after 1am.) Meanwhile the kids and I all slept until 10:15am! Crazy!

But we’re still exhausted. The kids were laying in bed with me and one kid would get interrupted by another kid and then one would “shoosh” the other one and then the other one would yell, and then they’d both yell. This is a sure sign that the kids are tired — the interrupting and the shooshing and the yelling. So while I was making the kids their breakfast of dry cheerios and orange juice, I made a rule that if there was shooshing and yelling, then there would be no talking at all for 5 minutes. That worked.

Then we decided to walk over to the school to get the mail. Mosquitoes aren’t too bad, thank the Lord! But Olivia didn’t want to walk up the two stories to the seminary floor and I wasn’t going to carry her. Madeline refused to sit on the steps and wait with Olivia (Madeline is excitedly expecting a Chickadee magazine, you see). There was much whining and crying and yelling on the stairwell. They had one more chance to all sit on the steps while I ran to get the mail. More weeping and gnashing of teeth. So we walked back home without getting the mail. And on the way home Madeline’s whining resulted in her writing 100 lines of “I will do what I’m told without complaining”. And Luke lost 8 days of television, which I later changed to 8 hours, because 8 days was a little extreme. But when you start with “If you fuss once more you lose television today” it just kind of fits to say “2 days”… “3 days”… for each fuss thereafter.

Oh well. Back to reality I guess. We’re going to take it very easy the next few days. And Marc should be home with the groceries and the mail soon.

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2 Responses to 4,000 km later…

  1. rebs says:

    I like the idea of getting your kid to write lines. I wish I could use that one but my kiddo is too young. :0)

    Whining is so hard on the ears some time.

  2. Toni says:

    Welcome home – back for a rest I see!

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