The Steps of St. Paul’s

The first full day we had in England we took one of those double decker bus tours of London, where you can get on and off the bus at any point that interests you. The first place we got off the bus was St. Paul’s cathedral. I wanted to see it, but it wasn’t until Marc said, “Hey, it’s the ‘steps of St. Paul’s!'” that I got really excited.

I’ve been singing “Feed the Birds” in its entirety to Luke and Olivia almost every night since we moved to Manitoba. So it was great to see where the “little old bird woman” sat and even see the birds! I guess I should’ve sat on the left side of the steps to be exactly where she sat, but I’ve been singing that song for a year, not watching the movie, so how was I to know!

And all that singing has paid off. Here are Luke and Olivia singing “Feed the Birds” a few months ago! (Olivia does know every single word, she just got a little distracted by Ashcan the inflatable dolphin.)

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3 Responses to The Steps of St. Paul’s

  1. Joanne says:

    This has always been my absolute favorite song from the movie. They did such a good job. You must be so proud of your children Dixie!

  2. Margreet V. says:

    I love it, they are so good, that is a long song, it is amazing and lovely.

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