I’ll get back to that last section momentarily…

Almost every time I catch up with an old friend I get asked the question: “So… are you guys done having kids?” And I usually answer as definitively as I can: “We almost definitely are. We haven’t done anything about it. If I could be pregnant for the rest of my life, I would be happy. But I think we’re done having kids.” Honestly, for the past year I haven’t even really thought about it. And now if we were to have a baby Olivia would be over 4 years older than that baby and that seems like too much of a gap, especially since the other kids are all 2 years apart. (And that means we would have to do what Lauralea always said and have another one still to make a little buddy for the one born so many years later…)

But, no, we haven’t taken any “permanent” steps. For some reason we just can’t. Or maybe we don’t have time. I’d told Marc to pencil it in for the three weeks we had between our 2009 summer vacation and the move to Manitoba last year. However, he didn’t even mention the surgery to the doctor at his physical, let alone actually book anything. And what with having only three weeks in Prince Albert and still having to fix up and sell the house, pack, move, and say good-bye to not only all of our family and friends, but also go through the death of my Grandpa. Well… those three weeks were busy enough.

And speaking of busy. We’ve discovered another sure-fire method of birth control: Seminary. Unfortunately the price tag of $8,000 for four months worth for the both of us is pretty pricey. But it is effective nonetheless.

We are very busy these days. This week is particularly bad because we both have papers due. And Marc has three due this week — on Tuesday and Wednesday no less, which is quite crazy really. But things are getting settled down in other areas, like the kids’ school and extracurricular activities. And I’m a good juggler. I’ve always been a good juggler.  I won’t go into all the details of last Thursday which had me scrubbing the kitchen floor in my pyjamas at 8am and coming back from the city at 9:30pm. But just know that within a half hour period I contacted the appropriate people to get Madeline in her acting class, fed her so she’d have the energy to go to her after school acting class, sent her out the door to the class, carved a jack-o-lantern, got a roast going in the roaster, did my hair and make-up because I was going out for supper, and made supper for the family. It was a busy half hour. The jack-o-lantern really put it over the top, though.

What I have decided is to really work ahead on my assignments and make up really early deadlines for them so that we won’t have stressful weeks, at least as far as my schedule goes. Marc’s taking five classes this semester and has visitations to do each week for one of his classes, so I’m pretty sure every week will be stressful for him.

We are, however, going away for Thanksgiving weekend! And that getting away will not involve driving 9.5 hours in one direction, which (as much as I love my mom’s turkey dinners) is a huge plus. We’ve got a super good deal on a lakefront cabin (with a hottub on the deck!) at Whiteshell Provincial Park. And we are so excited to be able to escape the trailer for three nights. Here’s where we’re headed. (Thanks to Jobina for the heads up. And, Nicole, I promise to do the Yurt thing once our kids are a little less dependent in the washroom.) So while procrastinating on a paper today, I folded the day’s laundry and set aside the clothes from there that we’ll take to the lake. And then I just went ahead and picked out all of the kids’ clothes for the weekend. (The kids had friends over so I wasn’t really going to write that paper then anyway…)

And speaking of that paper… it is due on Wednesday, and I still have the final section to write and the entire thing to revise, because I have a sneaking suspicion that most of it is crap that will have to be reworked into a slightly better looking piece of crap. But for tonight only 90 more pages of Biblical interpretation to summarize! Good times. So I guess I better get back at it.

Just wanted to let you know we’re all still alive over here. And the days really are, for the most part, good.

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2 Responses to I’ll get back to that last section momentarily…

  1. jobina says:

    You DID get in after all! I hope they give you a good deal, it’s such a great place to stay. Mark and I first stayed there on our honeymoon and we’ve been back quite a few times. I hope you have a fantastic weekend, you all deserve it!

  2. Linea says:

    Hey, your parents were out to church this morning. It made me miss you guys but it was nice to see them.

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