Thanksgiving Weekend 2010

This past weekend we just happened to luck out and get a great deal on a cabin in a provincial park not far from where we live. I have not done much nature exploring in Manitoba and was pleasantly surprised that the area we went to didn’t look exactly the same as northern Saskatchewan. (You need to understand that people who live in the bald prairies of southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba will get excited about anything which has a tree or a slightly raised elevation in the landscape. Where I grew up in central/northern Saskatchewan, it’s hills and trees and it takes something more than that to get us excited.) What does the eastern part of Manitoba have? Rocks. And I like rocks. It really was beautiful where we stayed.

And not just the nature either. We got an amazing last-minute deal at Falcon Trails Resort. And the facilities there did not disappoint. But more than that, just have a weekend away (yes, even a cabin in the woods feels spacious compared to our little trailer) was enough to brings us some sense of calm after a really stressful first month getting everyone settled into the rhythm of school.

So, yes, the weekend was amazing. Reading, games, old movies from our childhood to now watch with our kids, our own hottub on the screened-in deck, and some exploring of the nature that surrounded us. Our favourite? The canoes! Marc and I love canoeing and were quite happy that this year (and likely not many or any other years) our whole family could fit in one canoe. And it didn’t tip. And we got to see so much more of the surroundings with the canoe. Amazing. We even had a couple picnics on the island across from our cabin.

We’re already thinking of next year. And you know that if Marc is willing to pay full-price for something like this, it’s good! And it was very good. And even that time when I told the kids that I’d sell them at that moment to whoever would take them from me… well, that’s been forgiven too. We learned a little more this weekend about how good it is to be together when things are good, and how we can still love each other when it’s not so good. Thanksgiving, indeed.

New colouring books.
The kids playing

The crew in the canoe.
Morning in the Canoe

Picnic on Picnic Island.
Snack on picnic island

On our private dock (that’s Picnic Island in the background).
Kids on the dock

Our Thanksgiving dinner (chicken breast instead of turkey, but all the rest of the usual fixings).
Thanksgiving dinner.

You all know how much I love baths, right? Well, getting into that hottub 2-3 times a day was heaven!
Kids playing in the hot tub

With the sun setting on us…
Marc & the kids in the hot tub at sunset

And on the lake which was right out our window.
Sunset on Falcon Lake

More pictures at Marc’s flickr account: Falcon Lake 2010.

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11 Responses to Thanksgiving Weekend 2010

  1. jobina says:

    I’m so glad that you had a great weekend and got to recharge a bit, the pictures are really great! Which cabin did you stay in?

  2. Jyl says:

    Looks like it was a great weekend…the photos are gorgeous!!

  3. Lyn says:

    looks amazing!

  4. Deniece Reimer says:

    Beautiful, Dixie. It sounds like it was everything you needed it to be. Thanks for posting…you have a beautiful family.

  5. ruth says:

    amazing photos… i have always wanted to go there..and do that. is there a website?

  6. Jobina, we were in White Pine. It looks to me like all 4 or 5 of the cabins in that area are the same, no?

    Ruth, there’s actually a link up to Falcon Trails in the post. Falcon Trails is in bold, just click on that. (I need to make my links more noticeable I guess!)

  7. jobina says:

    Most are pretty similar, I’m guessing White Pine is on the same side as the Welcome Centre and main office? On the other side Merganser is the same layout but with stairs instead of a ladder (which Trinity appreciated) and Merlin is quite different with no loft but 2 actual bedrooms upstairs that have a view of the lake. It’s the most private of all the cabins. Mark and I have been dreaming for a few years of going to the Eco cabins there for an extended stay with the kids. We’ll see, maybe next spring or fall.

  8. rebs says:

    Wonderful pictures. Love the sunset and the canoe picture.

    I think times like this will be memories for your kids.

  9. Maureen says:

    My mom tells me that this is the lake where my uncle had a cabin and we went to see it on our trip to Winnipeg during Thanksgiving of, oh, 1975???? I remember the incredible rocks to climb. Beautiful.

  10. Carissa says:

    That is absolutely fantastic, Dixie!!!!! I am SOOO happy for you guys!!!!!!! 🙂 I just remembered taking a day trip to the Peace Boundary (forget what it’s called) when we lived in Brandon, but I have no clue where it is now. It was a neat experience for our family. I am sooo happy you all had such a wonderful Thanksgiving together! We love to canoe too, but we’d never fit in one canoe, and I’m not confident enough to ‘drive’ one myself with kids yet…..Awesome post and pictures!!!! 🙂

  11. Your point and shoot is way good, a sunset to save forever, and everything was perfect for you in need of a week away from school.

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