People We Are Meant to Meet


There are some people it seems you are “meant” to meet. Like that guy up there, sitting between Marc and I in our living room tonight. That’s our friend Darren. We became fast friends with Darren and his wife Mel the first year Marc and I were married. And boy! Did we have some good times together. It’s easy to forget after ten years. But when Darren walked into our house tonight and was telling our kids about how he used to go out for supper really late at night with their mommy and daddy and then Marc mentioned all of the brunches we ate together, all the memories came back. We sure ate some good food… But more than that, we connected. And even though the last time we saw Darren and Mel was 6.5 years ago when we visited them in Guelph, Ontario, with little 16-month old Madeline, tonight everything was so comfortable. Just like old times. Now they’re in Montreal and are expecting their third child. And when we mentioned that we’ve been thinking a lot about visiting them now that we’re further east, there was no hesitancy. Just the suggestion that their family cottage in New Brunswick would be a much better place to visit at. Yes please! So we are lucky to have Darren and Mel as lasting friends, the kind you were meant to have.

But there is another person who just today I realized was meant to be my friend. That would be Nicole from Winnipeg. I don’t remember any more how we stumbled on each other’s blogs, but we did. And when we moved to Manitoba she was quick to plan the perfect “first meeting” date. Plus she paid for it, which is quite spectacular. (Though it shouldn’t surprise me since this is the girl who sent me the most amazing and thoughtful care packages when I was in my funk a few years ago.) We’ve hung out a good amount over the past year and just had a long and enjoyable supper together last week. But it wasn’t until this afternoon that I realized that this friendship was meant to be.

Get ready for this.

Little bit of a crazy day over here. My mom calls at 3pm, right in the middle of when I have to do most of the crazy stuff, to tell me that the cast of The Sound of Music is on Oprah, and I should watch it. I turn on my tv. It’s not on. I check online. It was on at 2pm in Manitoba. I try to think of who has the kind of cable or satellite where you get stations from different time-zones, and before I do a universal call on Facebook for someone to record the show for me, I remember my brother. But it’s not showing again on his tv, so he can only record the last 45 minutes for me. When I get off the phone I remember that I have a few friends with satellite here in Manitoba. I think of one friend. But suddenly Nicole comes to mind. Nicole who mentioned she’d PVRed (is that how you type it?) a movie a few months ago that I would like. So I go rooting through my emails to see if I still have the email where she gave me her phone number. (Funny world we live in when you don’t know your friends’ phone numbers!) No luck. I have no way of contacting her, except for the slim chance she happens to be on the computer at that moment, because it is 3:50pm now and Oprah will presumably be starting in 10 minutes. As I close my email, I see on Facebook that Nicole has updated her status just one minute ago. What absolute luck! I write on her wall: “Call me RIGHT NOW! My number is —.” A minute later I get the call. “I’m having a Julie Andrews emergency!” I say and go on to explain how I missed the show and does she have the kind of cable that will have it showing again. To which Nicole replies calmly, “I record Oprah every day.” (But here’s the kicker): “I was actually going to surprise you with it. If you hadn’t heard about it, I was going to invite you over for a movie and then put that in to surprise you.”

Right there. Is that not amazing?!

I mean, I was panicking. The Sound of Music! The 3 hour movie that I watched at least once a day when my grandparent’s watched me in my pre-school years. I ordered the script from California when I was a teenager for crying out loud. I used to be able to do every single word of dialogue for the first 10 minutes, from memory — not even with the movie on in the background! I needed to see that reunion show! (My mom told me later that she cried through most of the show, just because it brought back so many memories.) But I just couldn’t find a way to watch it.

But Nicole was already recording it and saving it for me. Bananas. That is bananas I tell you! And it all just made me terribly happy, and made me realize that this was another friendship that was meant to be. Meant to be for other reasons too. But shown most exceptionally by that moment this afternoon on the phone when she responded to my panic by saying she already had it for me.


Some friendships are just brilliant.

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5 Responses to People We Are Meant to Meet

  1. Carissa says:

    Absolutely LOVE that all!!! 🙂

  2. Carmen y Raúl says:

    This guy and his wife are our best friend !!!!

  3. Hi Carmen! I believe we had supper with you and Raul when we visited Darren and Mel in Guelph in early 2004. I remember the plantain. 🙂

  4. Nice blog you’ve here, very interesting.

  5. Darren says:

    I just thought I should let you know that, although brief, that evening was a highlight for my entire year! The food was not “haut cuisine” (although that was a mean lasagne), and the local was not “posh” (cozy home though it is), but to be in the company of you and Marc again was beyond words! Thanks for the laughs and the unending open and comfortable friendship. DS

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