#1 in The Dialectic of Life

It’s been a little slow on the blog these days.  It seems like there’s not much time to sit and ponder and articulate all of the ideas in my head.  But, rest assured, there are ideas in there!  I’ve been meaning to start a new feature on my blog for the past several months, but just haven’t gotten around to it.  So, while Madeline plays with her cousins here in the basement and we wait for Luke to wake up so we can go to the park, I thought this would be a good time to share:  The Tao of Dixie.

Mostly The Tao is a way of giving examples of the dialectic/balance of life that we experience everyday but often don’t notice.  Some of it will be deep, some of it will be funny, and some will most definitely be bizarre.  But, hopefully this will be a vehicle for me to clarify all of these “Hegelian” thoughts that live in my brain and emit themselves rather obscurely in this space.

So here is “#1 in The Dialectic of Life”:

Men may never as beautiful as women, but they will also never be as ugly.

(Proof is here.  Look at the father and the mother.  The mother starts off beautiful but you really notice her aging.  The father, on the other hand, just does not age.)

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  1. shannon/ Shanon says:

    I know exactly what you mean. When Rob and I were in Hawaii I got so frustrated because Rob had all these girls eyeing him up. And do you think that I got any notice from the guys? NOPE! That is not until I burnt myself to the color of a Lobster and it start to peel like a sea turtle!! I like to think that all of my beauty is being passed on to my children. Although I do feel sexier than I ever have before. Just like in a previous blog you wrote. Even though I am twice the woman I used to be!!!

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