December 14th notes

I am officially done all of my work and papers for the semester. All that is left is one 2.5 hour class tomorrow afternoon. I was hoping to make some cookies in the morning to take to class, but I highly doubt that will happen.


Tomorrow is Madeline’s 8th birthday (and I haven’t iced her cake yet)! Craziness! I told one of my professors last week, when he asked me how old my kids would be when the spring courses were offered, that they would be 4, 6, and 8. Olivia will be the age Madeline was when she was born. There will be no more toddlers in my house. This has all happened too fast.

What did not happen fast was Madeline’s birth.

I always reminisce about the births before each of the kids’ birthdays, and I am secretly proud that Madeline’s labour started on the 13th of December and ended on the 15th! Half an hour from right now I was finally in the stirrups and pushing. Three and half hours from now, Miss Madeline made her appearance to the world.

Of course, all the hard work was worth it. Even though I remember asking my sister-in-law once before I had kids whether or not labour was worth it. (What a question?!)

And all of the hardwork of this semester has paid off. I’ve done really well. (Still have three papers to get marks back on, of course.) And I balanced well all of the things in my life. I’m pretty proud of how I’ve grown and all of the things I’ve learned and how our family all still loves each other.

But for right now, I go to bed.

The presents are on the table. The chocolate sprinkles for the birthday toast are on the counter. The helium balloon is floating around our room to be given to her as we go into her room and sing her out of bed. (The other helium balloon I bought, last time I checked, was stuck 20 feet up in some trees behind the Superstore gas bar in Steinbach,and though I trudged through the ditch and the field to get to the trees, my retractable snow brush would not reach it. Back to Dollarama we went!) And Marc’s got the alarm set for 6am. He’s preaching tomorrow morning and then has just three more papers to write before he’s done. But he’ll survive too.

And tomorrow we celebrate the day this little face came into our lives.

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3 Responses to December 14th notes

  1. rebs says:

    What a cute baby she was! Wow you have an 8 year old. Crazy how fast they grow

  2. Amarie says:

    Oh my, she was a beauty right from birth wasn’t she?! What a sweet face 🙂 I hope she has a very happy birthday!

  3. Natalie says:

    Look at that little mouth! Don’t you just want to kiss it! 🙂

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