The Good News!

Well, we’ve known for about a week now, but just haven’t quite gotten around to saying it on the internet yet… This summer we are moving to this province:

That’s right. Last Sunday we received the news that Marc received a unanimous vote to be the associate/family pastor at Malmo Mission Covenant Church. The church where our former pastor from Prince Albert, Randall (and his wife Lauralea) is currently the head pastor.

And that video? That video was taken the summer we moved to Manitoba. We went to Alberta three times that summer, and each time we entered or exited the province we played that Eric Clapton hit. Good times. That was the summer we drove out to Vancouver Island, and the trip started and ended with a night at the Friesen’s place right next to the church.

And now, three years later, seminary all finished, we’ll be going back there. It is strange and surreal how it has all worked out.

Marc and I flew out to Alberta for the candidating weekend five days after his graduation. It was a really good weekend. I wasn’t nervous at all (which is rather significant for me!). And we enjoyed so much getting to know the people and felt really at home with them.

Good reason for that, I guess.

So, in the middle of the busyness of grad, two weekends of traveling, and two straight weeks of classes for Marc and I, beyond the tiredness and stress of decisions to be made, we are feeling excited and blessed by this opportunity. The kids are also looking forward to it.

It will mean big changes for all of us and a busy summer of moving ahead, but we are so pleased that the next chapter of our lives has fallen into place so nicely.

Alberta, Alberta. Here we come!

(Given that we play that song every time we enter or exit the province, will it have to play continuously in the van when we move there?!) 🙂

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3 Responses to The Good News!

  1. rebs says:

    Congrats! So exciting!

  2. Phil Loseth says:

    That’s great news.
    We’ll probably be spending a week at Pigeon Lake again this summer, and will try to connect if/when we do.

  3. Randall says:

    Welcome to Alberta.
    May you live long and prosper much here.


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