Halloween 2012

Another Halloween. This one is a little different. The kids are out and I am home! Wha?! Yep. Kind of cool. Though I feel a little too young for this. 🙂

Madeline (the dragon) is out with her friend (the dragon trainer) and is driving around the countryside with her friend’s parents. Luke is out with his best friend; Olivia is with them. Marc tagged along with Luke’s friend’s dad to keep him company (the Dutch need to stick together). Which leaves me at home on a quiet night. Looks like not a lot of people are driving around the countryside on this cold, cold night. Oooo… wait. I see headlights.

Here are the pictures of Halloween 2012:
Costumes of choice were ninja, Olivia the Pig, and Toothless the dragon from How to Train Your Dragon.

Pose and attack!

I was just putting our summer jackets away this afternoon when I was hit with some inspiration. And voila! Marc the bearded pumpkin.

So, the kids left and I get to enjoy a quiet, candelit house tonight!

Just me and my slouch socks over here. (I said on Facebook tonight that I didn’t feel like showering today, so I threw my hair up in a side ponytail, put on some teal green eye makeup, pink blush, leggings and over-sized sweatshirt, and I instantly became “fun 1980s college chick” rather than “lazy mom who doesn’t want to shower.”)

Happy freezing cold Halloween!

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  1. Dear Friends, I am so happy your first ministry experience is on staff and in the country, this is the perfect step for your education to sink in. Someday you will be back in a large population area and really ready to use what you have learned and experienced.

    Great kids and a happy evening for them. Glad you got to stay warm.

    How far from stores and groceries are you? Post more pics of the church folks and worship please.

    Don in AZ

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