#2 on Thanksgiving Feasts

If you carve the turkey at the table, your feast will be both more beautiful and more disgusting.

(I always got mad at my mom for not carving the turkey at the table, and instead arranging the meat “just so” on a china serving plate.  I wanted the movie image of the grandfather carving the turkey for all to see.  Passing the plates back and forth.  Seeing who would get the drumstick on their plate.  But then I realized that if you carve the turkey on the table, it will look beautiful for about a minute and a half, and then the rest of the meal you’ll stare at the ribcage and innards of a dead bird.  Not very appetizing.  I think I’ll stick with the plate of meat, thank you.)

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  1. Natalie says:


    Avoid turkey carcass by doing like the Cosby’s. Carve your turkey on a rolling breakfast tray thingy beside the table. Serve everyone and bye-bye birdy!

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